Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo

Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo: Meaning And Design Explain

Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo: tells a captivating story, weaving together profound symbolism and a meticulously crafted design.

Maureen Christa Pojas Wroblewitz, from the Philippines, is widely recognized as an actress, beauty queen, and model.

She gained immense popularity after emerging as the fifth season of Asia’s Next Top Model winner.

Notably, she proudly represented her home country in the contest and accomplished the remarkable feat of being the first Filipina to secure the title.

Furthermore, Wroblewitz has appeared on several Filipino television programs, including Tonight with Boy Abunda, News5, Rated K, and CNN Philippines.

Additionally, she holds the ambassador role for the ICanServe Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals who have overcome cancer.

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Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo

Maureen Wroblewitz, who secured the second position in Miss Universe Philippines 2021, possesses an expanding assortment of tattoos.

Despite its potential impact on her modeling profession, She is fearless about acquiring them.

Currently, she possesses a small sun tattoo behind her ear, floral designs adorning both sides of her rib area, and another tattoo on the inside of her arm.

Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo
Maureen Wroblewitz and her floral-designed upper rib tattoo. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, being an enthusiast of furry animals, she imprinted depictions of her cats on her leg.

Similarly, there is another tattoo, located on the back of her neck, depicting the moon. It is likely a symbol of the song “Buwan,” performed by her ex-partner, JK Labajo, as Maureen also appeared in the music video.

In a 2018 Instagram post, she proudly displayed her upper rib tattoos and accompanied the picture with a caption expressing how she often forgets about having a tattoo.

Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo: Meaning And Design

In her most recent YouTube video, she discussed the experience of her and her two sisters getting their initial tattoo as a tribute to their mother.

Nonetheless, the specific details of the tattoo dedicated to their mother were not mentioned, although it is possible that it was the sun tattoo behind her ear.

In addition, she demonstrates her choice to acquire a tattoo dedicated to her father.

She mentioned that her father liked beer, but it would be absurd to permanently ink that on her body.

Therefore, she chose to get a tattoo of her father’s birth flower, the aster, instead.

Reportedly, her father expressed his appreciation and warmly embraced her, which delighted her.

Did Maureen Wroblewitz Design A Tattoo For Her Boyfriend?

Wroblewitz and singer Juan Karlos Labajo had a romantic relationship on May 30, 2017.

They consistently mentioned each other in their Instagram posts, showcasing their deep affection and love. They were head over heels in love until they broke up on June 10, 2022.

Before their breakup announcement, JK Labajo, the singer of the song ‘Buwan,’ showcased a fresh tattoo on his arm.

Maureen Wroblewitz Tattoo
Maureen Wroblewitz flaunts her beautiful aster tattoo dedicated to her dad. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he revealed another tattoo created by his girlfriend, Maureen Wroblewitz, which featured a unique “framed.”

JK proudly displayed the artwork on his Instagram account, acknowledging his partner Maureen for the creative concept and giving credit to Minnie.

The talented tattoo artist from Good Hand Tattoo in Pateros skillfully executed the design.

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