Jonathan Quick Tattoo

How Many Tattoos Does Jonathan Quick Have? Their Meaning And Design

Jonathan Quick Tattoo: How many does he have? Jonathan Quick, the esteemed goaltender of the Los Angeles Kings, boasts an impressive collection of tattoos that not only adorn his skin but also hold profound significance in their designs.

Jonathan Douglas Quick plays as a goaltender for the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL. He is a professional ice hockey player from the United States.

At the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, Jonathan Quick was chosen by the Los Angeles Kings as the 72nd overall pick in the third round.

Quick has been nominated twice for the prestigious Vezina Trophy and won the William M. Jennings Trophy.

Additionally, he achieved a silver medal with the United States team during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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Jonathan Quick Tattoo: How Many Are There?

Not only does Jonathan have an arm tattoo, but he also has a sizable tattoo featuring the Los Angeles Kings logo on the side of his rib cage.

Mexican-American celebrity tattoo artist Mister Cartoon was the one who tattooed Jonathan Quick on both of his arms.

When questioned about which of his clients possessed the greatest ability to withstand pain, Mister Cartoon had an obvious answer.

He identified Jonathan Quick, the goaltender who led the LA Kings to win the Stanley Cup twice, as the individual with the highest pain threshold.

Jonathan Quick Tattoo
Jonathan Quick flaunting his trophy and his side rib tattoo. (Source: Hockeyplayerswithtattoos)

Cartoon described Quick as someone with an extraordinary ability to endure the discomfort of getting tattoos, maintain a stoic expression, and simultaneously handle various physical activities easily.

Mister Cartoon, a self-proclaimed fan of the Kings, has been supporting the team since they played in Inglewood.

For him, having the opportunity to tattoo his dream design is incredibly significant, and he sincerely expresses his appreciation.

Meaning And Design Behind Jonathan Quick Tattoos

His arm tattoos feature tributes to his family as well as the places he considers home, including his upbringing and educational journey.

Let’s discuss the significance of the rib cage tattoo that Jonathan has. It turns out that the tattoo he got is the one mentioned by the General Manager of Kings Dean Lombardi.

Dean Lombardi has repeatedly delivered a speech since he became part of the team in April 2006, expressing his desire for players who would be willing to get the Kings logo tattooed on their buttocks.

He passionately emphasizes that such dedication is necessary to establish the desired team culture and achieve long-term success, akin to the Red Wings’ long-standing achievements.

Jonathan Quick Tattoo
Jonathan Quick and his Kings Logo Tattoo. (Source: Hockeyplayerswithtattoos)

In addition to his 10-year contract extension, goaltender Jonathan Quick has taken a more lasting step to demonstrate his loyalty.

Quick has gone a step beyond what Lombardi had requested and permanently inked the Kings logo on his body, making Dean proud to have a player so committed.

Jonathan Quick Love for Hockey: Shaped His Tattoos

Quick started the 2008-09 season playing for the Manchester Monarchs, an American Hockey League (AHL) team affiliated with the Los Angeles Kings.

Quick made his NHL debut on December 6, 2007, when he faced off against the Buffalo Sabres and secured an 8-2 victory.

On December 23, 2008, in a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus, he achieved his first shutout in his NHL career.

As a player who has triumphed in the Stanley Cup three times, he emerged victorious with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 and 2014 and later with the Vegas Golden Knights in 2023.

Consequently, he made the choice to commemorate his successful career by getting a tattoo that symbolizes his accomplishments.

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