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The glamorous and vibrant lifestyle, laced with the oh-so-loud fashion shows and events, has been the center of attention of many people.

But here, we provide the raw details, the hard work behind the iconic pieces, hours of thread work put into the show-stopping items followed by the gruesome training done by the models for sixty seconds of glory, and everything that goes in front of the lenses.

If you are thirsty for details on your favorite models or supermodels and are done with the mediocre info, then you are in the right place!

Rest assured, we provide more stuff on the models than just their tailored measurements; since we believe there is more to someone than meets the eyes.

Our writers and editors may not be dolled up in Chanel or the latest Versace’s Summer Collection, but we can tell silk from satin.

Get ready to see the chaotic world of fashion shows, the colorful mess of the saturated industry, and the celestial beings we call Models!

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