Kyle Kuzma Tattoo

NBA Kyle Kuzma Tattoo: Meaning And Design Explain

Kyle Kuzma Tattoo: The NBA player Kyle Kuzma has garnered attention due to its intriguing design and meaningful significance.

Kyle Alexander Kuzma, an American basketball athlete, plays for the Washington Wizards in the NBA.

During his time in college, he represented the Utah Utes and was named a first-team all-conference player in the Pac-12 conference during the 2016-17 season.

Furthermore, in the 2017 NBA draft, Kuzma was chosen as the 27th overall pick in the first round.

Meanwhile, he achieved recognition by being selected for the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2018 while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

After securing an NBA championship alongside the Lakers in 2020, he was traded to the Wizards in 2021.

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NBA Kyle Kuzma Tattoo

During an interview, Kyle expressed his strong desire to get a tattoo, citing his admiration for NBA players who have inked their bodies.

According to reports, this athlete has 24 tattoos, demonstrating his enthusiasm for body art.

Given that, Kyle Kuzma’s initial tattoo depicts a lion’s head on his left shoulder, representing his zodiac sign, Leo

Notably, he has a tattoo on the left side of his forearm that displays the word “Flint” in red, white, and black ink. This tattoo is a tribute to Flint, Michigan, where he was raised. 

Kyle Kuzma Tattoo
Kyle Kuzma’s are covered with tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

Above the player’s elbow, on the left upper arm, is a tattoo featuring two hands clasped together in a praying gesture. Rays of light emanate from the hands, and below them is the tattooed name “GINNY.”

When Ginny, Kyle’s grandmother, tragically passed away while he was still in high school, Kyle received hands in prayer.

In addition, He has a tattoo of doves flitting over the sky on the inside of his left forearm, above the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The birds on his forearm symbolize his new stage of life.

NBA Kyle Kuzma Tattoo: Meaning And Design

Kyle has a green eye tattooed on the inside of his left elbow. Kyle got this tattoo to express his love for his attractive, green-colored mother.

His left forearm’s interior bears a tattoo of an eye with a sword beneath it. The eye also emits light in the form of rays. Right below the eye tattoo, there is a Bible scripture as well.

By all means, his religious beliefs are represented by the eye, the sword, and the verse. Kyle is a devout Christian who practices his religion to the fullest.

The American flag is inked on Kyle’s left arm, although it has black and white stripes instead of red and white.

Kyle got this tattoo as inspiration because he thinks the sky’s the limit and wants to keep improving at the game.

Kyle Kuzma Gorilla And Staircase Tattoo

On the inside of Kyle’s right forearm, beneath the snake, is a tattoo of a gorilla with its palm slapping against its chest. The words “HUMBLE BEAST” are inked beneath the gorilla.

Certainly, Kyle is a humble man who nevertheless is a beast on the court and gives his all during a game; hence, the term “humble Beast” perfectly describes him.

Kyle Kuzma Tattoo
Kyle Kuzma flaunts his back tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

The stomach of the NBA star contains a tattoo of a staircase leading upward to a cloud with light rays in the background. “Loyalty” and “Family” are inked on either side of the staircase.

To clarify, The stairway to heaven is depicted in the tattoo. Kyle’s beliefs center on these concepts as a devoted family man who values loyalty.

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