Mel McLaughlin Siblings

Mel McLaughlin Siblings: Tara McLaughlin And Brother Details

Mel McLaughlin Siblings are her biggest admirers and supporters. She has two siblings. Unfortunately, Mel lost her older sister Tara due to lung cancer. 

Mel McLaughlin is a prominent sports presenter in Australia. She is best known for her professionalism and expertise in covering various sporting events.

McLaughlin began her career as a reporter and presenter with Sky News in Sydney.

Since then, she has worked with Fox Sports hosting numerous soccer shows including Kick Off, Indian Super League and Fox Sports FC. 

Furthermore, the talented presenter is famous for working at Network Ten where she hosted their coverage of the Big Bash League, the 2014 Winter Olympics, Australian F1 Grand Prix and others. 

Additionally, she co-hosted The Thursday Night Sports Show alongside Sam Mac and Mark Howard.

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Meet Mel McLaughlin Siblings: Tara McLaughlin

Mel McLaughlin has two siblings, Leanne and Tara McLaughlin.They shared a passion for sports as a child and enjoyed playing together. 

Tara, the elder sister who was a police officer and a mother of two, passed away in 2015 due to stage four lung cancer at 39.

It is known that Tara never smoked. However, she got a rare lung cancer because of a genetic mutation.

Everyone in her community loved Mel’s older sister. She was promoted to the rank of Sergeant even after her death.

While she had a police funeral, her dedication and hard work were recognized and marked.

Mel McLaughlin Siblings
Mel McLaughlin’s older sister Tara with her two kids. (Source: dailymail)

Tara’s death impacted the McLaughlin family deeply especially her two young sons, Harry and Flynn. Mel has taken on the role of a loving and doting aunt to her nephews, and they share a special bond.

Furthermore, Mel’s younger sister Leanne also has children and maintains a strong relationship with Mel.

Despite their challenges, Mel and her family continue to treasure their memories of Tara and celebrate their shared love for sports and each other.

Tara will always be remembered as a caring police officer and a loving mother. 

Mel McLaughlin Brother Details

Fans have always been curious about Mel’s brother. However, she doesn’t have a brother. The talented presenter is the middle child in her family. 

Even though she has no male siblings, she shares a special bond with her sisters and maintains a strong connection and healthy relationship with them.

Growing up as the middle child of her three sisters in Western Sydney, Mel’s childhood was filled with sports alongside her sisters. They played sports, rode bikes and enjoyed games in the backyard. 

The McLaughlin sisters maintained a strong bond throughout their lives. Sadly, Tara passed away after battling lung cancer. Her loss deeply impacted the family, but their memories and love for Tara remain strong.

Mel McLaughlin Family Tree And Religion

Mel McLaughlin comes from a diverse cultural background. Her parents, Eamonn McLaughlin and Leonie McLaughlin, played a vital role in shaping her upbringing alongside her sisters.

Eamonn, an Englishman, and Leonie, of Anglo-Indian descent, immigrated to Australia from the UK in the 1970s. They met as teenagers at a youth club and got married in 1973.

Mel McLaughlin Siblings
Mel McLaughlin Parents’ wedding picture. (Source: Instagram

Regarding religion, Mel attended St Andrew’s Primary School and St John Paul II Catholic College, which suggest a connection to Christianity.

It’s not clear what Mel McLaughlin’s current religious beliefs are, but she may have a connection to the Christian faith based on her education in Catholic schools.

Her family background is diverse, and she has strong family ties, which could have influenced her beliefs.

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