Norwegian Sexiest Man Lasse Matberg, Kids & Net Worth

Lasse Matberg age, height, body
Lasse Matberg is 35 years old model who is 6 feet 6 inches tall

Lasse Matberg is a real-life Thor in the flesh and now has become the Sexiest man in Norwegian. It’s not what we are saying, everybody is talking about him, and women worldwide cannot resist from hitting the love button on his hot Instagram posts.

Lasse Matberg height
Lasse Matberg is 6 feet 6 inches tall

This man half-naked with golden-brown hair and a thick beard totally resembles Chris Hemsworth‘s role in The Thor. In an instant, he rose to prominence and has amassed fans all over the world. For the dies hard young women in the world, this article is written to let you know each and everything about him in detail. Let’s get started with some quick facts;

Who Is Lasse Matberg ?- Parents, Siblings, Childhood, and Education

Professionally, Lasse is a model as well as the Royal Norwegian Naval Officer. He was born in some place of Norwegian to father Arne J Matberg. Sadly there is no valid information about his mother. But we know that he is blessed to have a brother named Espen Matberg, who was married to his wife Sofie.

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Talking about education, there is nothing much on the Internet. Once, he revealed to the media that a lot of boys used to bully him when he was a kid. In order to impress the girl of their age, they used to gang up and say things like, “Hey, here’s the bunny- you can’t hang out with us you have got ugly teeth.”

Lasse Matberg age
Lasse Matberg is 35 years old

Surprisingly now those people call him Gorg for his giants looks. Moreover, this handsome man is Norwegian and comes from white ethnicity.

How Old Is Lasse Matberg?- Age, Height, and Other Features

This Norwegian hulk was born in 1985, and in 2020 he is 35 years old. He falls under the sun sign of Cancer as he was born on the 11th day of July. Also, Lasse is very hard-working, talented, and versatile.

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This dandy man stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet 6 inches. He has a fit body, which is resulted due to a power lift, severe exercise, and distinct diets. Unlike others, his exercise includes chopping off the woods. The special feature which makes him resemble Thor is his golden hair and beard of the same color.

Professional Career

At first, he was active as a model and used to do it part-time. Lasse did not go to any modeling school, but it was fun for him. This man revealed that he learned it watching Zoolander. As he has become famous on Instagram, his fame has catapulted more than ever. He disclosed

“I used to be able to put my phone back in my pocket and forget about the modeling and get back to my day job, but now I can’t get from my car to a café without another 1,000 people following me.”

Who Is The Girlfriend of Lasse Matberg?

This 35 years old man has dated only three women in his life. Previously Lasse had to remove his four years-long braces a the age of 14. As soon as this happened, he got a chance to make a girlfriend, and within a fortnight, Matberg had his first kiss. The relationship becomes stable for four years.

He took a gap of a couple of years and later dated a brown haired half- Brit-half- Norwegian girlfriend for another four years. Matberg also came up that his latest love was a 26 years old blonde haired blue eyed model with a slight hint of Swedish.

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In the present context, he seems to be single and ready to mingle. Along with that, Lasse has not walked down the aisle with anyone. Also, this 6 feet 6 inches tall hulk is busy as an officer.

What Is The Net Worth of Lasse Matberg?

There is no denying that this tall, fair model makes enough money to make his livelihood. In 2020, Lasse’s net worth exceeds up to $500k. Surprisingly he is on halfway to become a millionaire.

Lasse Matberg net worth
Lasse Matberg sits on the net worth of $500k

Apart from this, there are no valid details about his salary, cars, and amsnions. We will update any further details as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

Social Media Presence

 Instagram: 663k followers


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