Laneya Grace Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Laneya Grace is a brilliant model who has a very captivating eye, brilliant smile, and fantastic personality. She might look as if she is a little bit mature than her age in the camera, but in fact, she is very young. Much younger than you had anticipated. Don’t stress too much Grace is in her sweet sixteen.

Laneya Grace height
Laneya Grace is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

This lady and Jade Weber are the most beautiful young models in the world. But in today’s article, we will be revealing more about Laneya. From her height, how she ended up in the fashion world, how much she earns, we will reveal them all. Before all this, let’s get started with some quick facts;

Who Is Laneya Grace?- Parents and Siblings

This 16 years old model was born in the developing city of San Francisco. Her father, Stevenson Thomas, tried his best to bring out the best version of herself in her life. Sadly there is not so much information about her mother. But we sure know that she loved her unconditionally.

Laneya Grace boyfriend
When she was a kid VS Now

Surprisingly her family comprises four mothers, including sister Kay. They always used to pull out pranks on each other very much. Moving on, Laneya is an American beauty who hails from white ethnicity.

How Old Is Laneya Grace?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

This pretty lady was born in the year 2004. Luckily she spent her birthday on the 23rd of June, which makes her 16 years old in 2020. That being said, she falls under the sun sign of Cancer. Just like her sign suggests, Grace is subtle and does not come out to other people frequently.

Despite the age factor, when it comes to modeling, she can challenge the veteran of the industry who is far older than her. Being a model, Grace stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches. We believe that as she is in her growing stage, this diva has plenty of room to grow physically and mentally.

Laneya Grace age
Laneya Grace is 16 years old.

To maintain her body slenderly and smooth, Laneya goes to the gym more often. She is seen perpetuating her balanced diets. That might be the reason whys he appears so flawless and shy signature. It also looks as if she is concerned about how she presents herself.

Even more, Grace has a bodyweight of 40 kg. Her bust, waist, and hips measures about 31 inches, 24 inches, and 33 inches, respectively. The most distinctive feature of this young girl is her green eyes. They are so captivating that no one can look away from her.

Her white skin tone makes her look appealable, while her red tint lips are alluring. Apart from this, she is blessed to have brown hair.

Childhood and Education

Being born in San Francisco, Laneya childhood was spent mostly there along with her parents and siblings. They were the reason why she was motivated to do much more in her life. As a matter of fact, she was only three years old when she started modeling.

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We are well aware that she is in her teenage, so Grace is still a student. Speaking about which, for the time being, she is homeschooled. But when the time becomes right, this model will be joining some college.

Professional Body

This young model was discovered at the age of 3 when she enjoyed the holiday at Capitola beach. During that time, her parents wanted to give her good news that they were expecting another baby. They sent her pictures to the Ford Models agency voluntarily.

The agency was impressed by her talent, and soon she started working with them. At the beginning of her career, she worked with the famous brand Macy. Along with that, she even advertised for supermarket products. When she was seven years old, Ford closed its work for child division.

However, there was nothing to stop in Grace’s career. By that we meant, she signed a contract with JE Model Management and is still working for them. Luckily Laneya is also working under the supervision of Wilhelmina Models and Osbrink Agency.

In addition to this, Laneya has worked with famous brands such as Guess, Ralph Lauren Maleficent Toys, Old Navy, to need some. Also, she appeared n the music video named Wake Me Up.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Laneya Grace?

This 16 years old is pretty forward in most things, but it appears that she has taken a step backward when it comes to love. The reason why we are saying this is the fact that Grace does not seems to be dating anyone.

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To be precise, Laney is focusing more on her career rather than guys, boys, love. Maybe when she is free from her job and studies, she might find time to fall for someone. However, we do not think that this 5 feet 5 inches tall model will fall for just any guy.

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To get this ethereal beauty, one ought to be supportive and considerate about her work. It these features are packed in you, then you might even have a chance to get her. There is no past record showing that Grace was dating anyone or her social media account gives any clue. As a result, we believe that she is single.

What Is The Net Worth of Laneya Grace?

You can’t imagine how much she has in her bank account as Laneya became a model at the age of 3. While kids were eating mud and crying, she was out making her career. Thanks to her parents, she has been able to accomplish so much at a young age.

What’s surprising is the fact that Laneya sits on the jaw-dropping net worth of $2 million in 2020. In comparison to her age, this amount is commendable. Her main inspiration comes from the supermodel, such as Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Laneya Grace net worth
Laneya Grace sits on the net worth of $2 million.

Moving on, Grace is also keen on swimming and is learning Muay Thai boxing. Other than this, in her spare time, she is often seen traveling to fancy destinations. She loves animals and has kept one. This 16 years old own a dog named Lando. 

Besides this, there is no valid information about her salary, cars, and mansions. One thing is for sure that this girl is living her life luxurious and enjoying her teenage.

Social Media Presence

Social Media platforms have become one of the great ways to reach out to the fans. That might be the reason why she is active on Instagram and Twitter. Not only she shares about her work in the personal accounts, but Laneya also shares her likes, hobbies, and more.

Instagram– 341k followers

Twitter– 7297 followers

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