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Isabel Toledo, Fashion Designer, Death, Husband, Kids & Net Worth

Isabel Toledo is that astounding fashion designer who has created some extraordinary pieces for Michelle Obama. Her fellow comrades in the fashion world called her “a designer’s designer.” That is all because Isabel knows more about the craft than anyone since Cristobal Balenciaga.

Isabel Toledo age, height, body, career, net worth
The Cuba-American fashion designer Isabel Toledo

Even more, Toledo was maintaining a low profile, but her comparison was made with Charles James and Geoffrey Beene’s likes. Unfortunately, the world lost this amazing talent at the age of 59, but the legacy she left behind is immeasurable. In the memory of this fantastic fashion designer, let’s know more about her. Before all, let’s see some quick facts at first.

How Did Isabel Toledo Die?

This versatile fashion designer lost her battle to breast cancer. Toledo died at the age of 59 at a hospital in Manhattan on August 26, 2019. She was born Maria Isabel Izquierdo in Camajuani, Cuba. Toledo celebrates her birthday each year on 9 April 1960.

Isabel Toledo cause of death
Isabel Toledo with Karl Lagerfeld

Isabel was the daughter of immigrants who can all the back from Castro’s Cuba. She learned about sewing at the age of eight from her babysitter. During that period, this beauty realized her passion for clothing and design. In her childhood, she used to support her family by working at the factories.

Talking about education, Isabel enrolled both in the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design. Moreover, Toledo is Cuban- American by nationality and belonged to white ethnicity.

Professional Career

Soon after the completion of the study, Isabel instantly made a name for herself in the fashion circles. She rejected themes and other inspiration; instead, she let fabric guide her elegantly and ingeniously. She loves the technique of sewing more than anything else because the seamstress is the one who knows fashion from the inside.

Toledo also denied the runway, presenting new collections in museums. Surprisingly she is also the creative director of Anne Klein for a brief period. Also, this fantastic fashion designer participated in the 2005 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

With her husband, Toledo received Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for their contribution to fashion. Following that, this beautiful designer received the Otis Critics award.

Who Is Isabel Toledo Husband?

Not everybody is blessed to spend their life with first love. This designer’s story is no less than a fairy tale that did not have a happy ending. Her husband’s name is Ruben Toledo, who is active as an artist. The lovey-dovey couple has collaborated and worked together for almost four decades.

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Surprisingly, the two were born in Cuba a year and a day apart. They bumped into one another in the high school located in New Jersey. During that time, Isabel was 14, and Ruben was 13 years old. In an Interview, her beloved husband revealed that,

“She would show up to school with the most adventurous asymmetrical haircuts and yellow and charcoal tinted eyes. Just the most incredible things that a 13-year-old ever saw.”

This heartwarming couple walked down the aisle in the year 1984. Since then, they have been inseparable until Toledo died at the age of 59. Isabel is no longer among us, but her husband cannot spend a day without remembering her and embracing her.

Isabel Toledo husband
The fantastic couple, Isabel Toledo and Ruben Toledo

Unfortunately, sources suggest that during their strong bond, they did not have any children. Neither they adopted any kid, nor is there any hint about her biological kid.

A letter from Ruben Toledo To Her Beloved Wife Isabel

My Isabel Isabel,

I love to say your name twice: It rings like a bell inside my head, so soothing and gentle and hopeful. You know how well we fit together—like two misfit puzzle pieces that magically unite forever. Your mystical essence is still clinging to me like my second skin that feels so good. I remain wrapped up in your cocoon of warmth and kindness that took you 45 years to weave around us. I am protected in your meticulous folds and hidden pleats—your scent still lingers inside my lining.

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We always trusted each others’ moves and rhythms. How should I interpret your sudden turn and departure? Should I try to keep the same rhythm going—keep the beat best as I can? Or should I fall into the offbeat, unpredictable soulful conga drums that you love so much with their own ancient and solid vibrations?

I will listen to whatever new beat you wish me to follow as long as it leads me to you.

Were you a dream? If you hadn’t left so many of your sensitive genius patterns behind—such a fertile and creative landscape, you carefully constructed—I might think you were only something my imagination invented. Because of your lightness and ethereal nature, and fearlessness with life, your wide-open heart allows everyone and everything in. That’s what makes me so protective of you. This is your mystery. You are soft as a cloud and solid as stone.

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy the many versions of you. My Izzy: the fun-loving prankster and practical joker—practical because you always were and joker because you loved to laugh. My Izzy: so organized, clear, strong, courageous, so great at making do and so great at making everything you do look easy and elegantly effortless—making genius out of nothing. My Isabel: with your elegant regal head—your royal and serene forehead—a beautiful mind like no other. Your soulful and honest eyes that I plunged deep into and never came back from. Thank you for letting me in. I am still deep in there, floating in your heavenly essence. I see everything and everyone through your unforgettable eyes.

I love you.

Your Ruben


What Is The Net Worth of Isabel Toledo?

There is no drying that this beautiful lady made a hefty amount of money from her career. Her works were compared to the veterans of the industry, while her love towards Ruben is impeccable.

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In 2020 Isabel’s net worth was not calculated by any sources. Similar is the case with her salary, cars, and mansion. Further details will be updated as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned.

Isabel Toledo and Michelle Obama

This beautiful designer rose to prominence when she designed for Barack Obama‘s wife Michelle Obama for the 2009 presidential inauguration. Rather than sticking up to the traditional color of white, blue, red, Michelle opted for a shade of lemongrass yellow.

Isabel Toledo profession
Michelle Obama wearing a piece by Isabel Toledo

In the ceremony, Michelle was seen wearing a custom Toledo dress along with an overcoat. Not to mention she got to know about Isabel through Ikram, a store located in Chicago, Illinois.

Social Media Presence

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