Yo Gotti Ex Wife

Yo Gotti Ex Wife Lakeisha Mims: Divorce Story And Kids

Know more about Yo Gotti ex wife, Lakeisha Mims. Also discusses their divorce and the children they have together.

Mr. Mario Sentell Giden Mims, better known as Yo Gotti, is a well-known rapper. He was born in the Tennessee city of Memphis.

Yo Gotti has recorded a number of albums and cooperated with various musicians. His song is popular because it is relatable and catchy.

Relationships may be an emotional rollercoaster in the world of celebrities. Yo Gotti and his ex-wife Lakeisha Mims were one well-known pair who received much attention.

Their stories, from falling in love to divorcing, piqued the curiosity of fans and the media. This article is about Yo Gotti’s ex-wife. 

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Yo Gotti Ex Wife Lakeisha Mims: Divorce Story

Lakeisha Mims is Yo Gotti’s ex-wife, whose real name is Mario Mims. However, their marriage was not happy, and they eventually chose to split.

Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims’ divorce was disputable, with both parties leveling charges at each other.

Lakeisha accused Yo Gotti of being a bad father who prioritized his music profession over his family. She also stated that he was physically violent to her during their marriage.

Yo Gotti Ex Wife
Yo Gotti poses for photos at the John Ricard Studio (Source: networthsize )

On the other side, Yo Gotti accused Lakeisha of being a gold seeker who was only concerned with his money.

He accused her of cheating on him and being a bad mother to their children.

Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims have both gone on with their lives despite their bitter divorce.

Yo Gotti is continuing his music career and has become a popular rapper, whereas Lakeisha has kept a low profile and has not been seen in public since the divorce.

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Yo Gotti Ex Wife Lakeisha Mims And Kids

Yo Gotti and his ex-wife Lakeisha Mims have three children together. Their names are Javon, Mekayla, and Jomoni.

During their marriage, the pair was apparently quite discreet about their family life and did not share much information about their children with the public.

After they divorced, they had a large disagreement about who gets to care for the kids. Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims made disparaging remarks about each other and wanted their children to reside with them.

However, there is little to no information available about who got to keep the kids most of the time or who took custody.

Yo Gotti Ex Wife
Rapper Yo Gotti visits Music Choice in New York City. (Source: networthsize)

Despite their painful divorce, Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims are both committed to being good parents to their children.

Yo Gotti publicly professes his affection for his children on social media and frequently posts photos of them, demonstrating how much they mean to him. However, Lakeisha chooses to remain anonymous and has kept a low profile since the divorce.

While we don’t know much about Lakeisha’s parenting style, it’s vital to remember that both parents love their children and want what’s best for them.

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Yo Gotti Family Tree And Ethnicity

Yo Gotti is a well-known rapper who seldom speaks about his family on social media.

Geraldine Mims is his mother’s name, and he has a brother named Anthony Mims.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about his father because Yo Gotti hasn’t revealed anything about him.

Yo Gotti’s ancestors are African-American, which implies they came from Africa. This is a significant aspect of his identity and ancestry.

Yo Gotti ex wife
Rapper Yo Gotti spending his free time chilling at a resort. (Source: Instagram)

He began recording music as a child and came to prominence with songs about his life and experiences. He worked hard and achieved success in the music industry.

Yo Gotti has never been open about his religious beliefs or practices.

It’s likely that he practices a certain religion or has spiritual views, but identifying his religious attitude is difficult without his own remarks or public facts.

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