Ciro Immobile Parents

Soccer Ciro Immobile Parents: Father Antonio And Mother Michela Immobile

Who are Ciro Immobile Parents? The renowned soccer player owes his athletic talents to his parents, Antonio and Michela Immobile.

Ciro Immobile is an Italian footballer of professional standing, serving as a striker for both Lazio, an Italian Serie A club, where he also assumes the role of captain, and the national team of Italy.

Throughout his career, he has achieved numerous accolades both as part of a team and individually, including being honored with two Serie A top scorer awards and one Golden Show.

Furthermore, he has played a vital role as one of Italy’s influential athletes during the second decade of the current century.

In recent seasons, Ciro Immobile has established his position as one of the top goal scorers in the realm of football.

Immobile has played 445 games in his career, scoring 259 goals and dishing out 57 assists for an amazing total.

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Ciro Immobile Parents Antonio And Michela Immobile

Ciro born on 20th February 1990 in Torre Annunziata, Italy, hails from a middle-class household; his father goes by the name Antonio Immobile, while his mother is known as Michela Immobile.

Ciro also has an older brother named Luigi Immobile who works in marketing. 

Immobile’s parents, who were both enthusiastic about football, supported their son during the initial phases of his football career. At the age of five, Immobile began playing football within the confines of his own home.

His parents claimed that he would often damage numerous household items while engaging in football activities, prompting them to enroll their son at Torre Annunziata, the local football academy.

Ciro Immobile Parents
Ciro Immobile and his mother Michela Immobile. (Source: Instagram)

There is a lack of specific information regarding the professional backgrounds of his father or mother.

However, Ciro recently dedicated a very heartwarming post for his father on his instagram that reads, “Many say you taught me how to play football, but that matters little compared to what you really taught me to be. A serious, honest and loyal man just like you. This is what really matters. HappyBirthday,my Dad I love you .”

Ciro’s statement reveals that his deep love for football is rooted in his father, who served as his first coach, demonstrating the source of his passion.

Similarly, Ciro’s mother on her Instagram post recently wrote ,How proud she is and wants to cherish every special moment with her son.

Ciro Immobile Wife and Kids Details

Ciro Immobile’s initial public romantic involvement was with Jessica Melena, a well-known Italian model, influencer on Instagram, and internet personality.  The couple share a family of four children.

Jessica Melena, born on July 17, 1990, had a father who worked as a postman while her mother pursued a career as a cook.

Jessica completed her high school education at a nearby school in Italy. Afterward, she pursued her studies in the Department of Investigation Sciences at a university located in L’Aquila, Italy. 

Nevertheless, shortly after enrolling in the course, she encountered the person she fell deeply in love with and made a choice to abandon her studies halfway through, opting instead to live together with Ciro Immobile.

Ciro Immobile Parents
Ciro Immobile with his beautiful wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

In June of 2013, Jessica welcomed their eldest daughter, Michela Immobile, into the world. Twelve months later, they exchanged vows and tied the knot at the San Camillo de Lellis Sanctuary in Bucchianico, the birthplace of Jessica Melena.

Jessica was expecting their second child, a daughter named Giorgia Immobile when they got married. Giorgia was born in June 2015.

They welcomed a son called Mattia as their third child in September 2019. In 2022, Jessica gave birth to her fourth child name Andrea Immobile.

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