Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch

Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch? Sig Hansen Returned To The Sea

Captain Jake Anderson of the F/V Saga has been known to have a short fuse on the popular reality TV show Deadliest Catch. But Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch? Let’s find out.

Jake Anderson is a fishing captain and co-owner of FV Saga, a fishing vessel based in the United States.

He has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s documentary series, Deadliest Catch, since 2007.

Anderson is highly regarded by his crew and peers for his skills, leadership, and decision-making abilities.

He has overcome many challenges throughout his career and remains passionate about fishing.

In addition to his work on Deadliest Catch, Anderson is an author and has published his memoir, “Relapse,” which chronicles his recovery from addiction.

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Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch?

Captain Jake Anderson from “Deadliest Catch” is known for his hot-headedness on the show, and his recent anger can be traced to a new deckhand he hired for his boat, the Saga.

According to reports, this new crew member has been causing multiple problems on board, which have pushed Anderson’s patience to its limits.

However, it’s worth noting that Anderson has experienced numerous personal tragedies, including losing his father, Keith Anderson, who went missing in 2010 and was found dead two years later.

Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch
Still of Jake Anderson from Deadliest Catch. (Source: Youtube)

Anderson’s search for answers about his father’s death has been ongoing.

He has been seeking closure through various means, including traveling to Norway to learn more about his family’s heritage.

It’s not hard to see how such personal trauma could contribute to Anderson’s anger and frustration in other areas of his life, including on the job.

While the specifics of his outbursts are unclear, it’s clear that Anderson has a lot on his plate.

Sig Hansen Returned To The Sea

After years of fishing in Alaska, Sig Hansen returns to his family’s ancestral home of Norway in “Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns.”

Hansen mentions in the first episode that Norway is a new challenge for him, even though he fished there as a teenager, as it is like learning a new map.

Hansen chose to expand into Norway because the Bristol Bay red king crab fishery was closed for the first time in 25 years by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in 2021, a decision that will cost harvesters over $100 million.

Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch
Sig Hansen poses for a photoshoot with Discovery Channel. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

The closure comes as crab stocks have dropped significantly in the Bering Sea.

Hansen explains that with fishing, there is no guarantee of having a job the following year.

Even though it’s entertaining to have a Sig Hansen-based spinoff in “Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns,” it’s unfortunate that it had to happen under these circumstances.

Hansen sees this as a new beginning and a new start for him and his family.

Jake Anderson: Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jake Anderson, the fishing captain and co-owner of FV Saga, has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million.

Anderson has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s documentary series, Deadliest Catch, since 2007 and has held various positions on the boats during his 17-year career as a crab fisherman.

As the current captain of FV Saga, Anderson’s salary fluctuates depending on the catch.

The captains on Deadliest Catch can earn as much as $175,000 per season if the catch is good.

Why Is Jake So Mad Deadliest Catch
Jake and his wife Jenna Anderson in 2010. (Source: Distractify)

Anderson has faced personal tragedies while on the show, including the unexpected death of his sister during season five and his father’s disappearance and presumed death during season six.

Anderson was promoted to deck boss of the Northwestern in 2012 and obtained his USCG Mate 1600-ton license and Master 100-ton Captain’s license that same year.

Since 2015, Anderson has been the captain of the crab fishing vessel Saga, showcasing his expertise in the industry and contributing to his net worth.

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