What Happened To Frankie On Workin Moms Season 6? Why She Left Sick/Ill

What Happened To Frankie On Workin Moms? The last season of Workin’ Moms has been released on Netflix, and fans ask who portrays Frankie.

Workin’ Moms, a Canadian television sitcom that debuted on CBC Television in 2017 and found a home on Netflix in 2019, has completed its seventh and last season.

The Toronto-based show focuses on the lives of five different thirty-something mothers who become friends in an unusually diverse neighborhood Mommy and Me class.

“Workin’ Moms” is a TV show that follows the lives of four women as they balance employment and motherhood in their 30s. The show’s seventh season has been declared it’s final one, and in late April, it was released on Netflix.

Whether Juno Rinaldi’s character Frankie Coyne, who portrays Kate Foster, may appear in the show’s last season was put to creator and showrunner Catherine Reitman, who also plays Kate Foster, in an interview with Variety.

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What Happened To Frankie On Workin Moms Season 6?

Workin’ Moms star Juno Rinaldi, who played Frankie, decided to depart the show. After series 5, her character was deleted so she could work in a rehab facility.

Rinaldi said in an Instagram post that she left the show to pursue writing and producing jobs, among other chances in the business. “To my dear cast, crew, friends, families, and show viewers,” she said. I’ve decided not to participate in Workin’ Moms this season.

What Happened To Frankie On Workin Moms
Frankie On Workin Moms (Source- Distractify )

Some fans believed her character wasn’t properly developed, and the reasons for her absence weren’t sufficiently explained.

“Love the series, but I can’t understand why Frankie wasn’t written out properly,” one fan remarked on the post. I know the Actress wanted to go, but the character vanished and was never discussed again.

Reitman said that Frankie’s issue was that she couldn’t be on the show for a modest amount.

She pointed out that having Frankie appear in only one scene or for a short period of the season would be a mistake since the audience would not be content with seeing her briefly participating.

Instead, they would demand to see more of her. However, Frankie playing a significant role in the season was also out of the question.

As a result, Reitman said, the crew considered having Frankie appear in the series finale but finally opted against it so that a fleeting visit wouldn’t disappoint the show’s fans.

Is Frankie Sick Or Ill?

After the birth of her second child, she experienced postpartum depression, and her husband advised her to go for a stroll outside.

When that turned into a run, she finally understood the link between physical activity and mental wellness.

“I remember that after an activity, I would come home and just be that much more present, that much clearer, and that much more like this activity is a direct link to feeling more like myself.”

On May 14, 1977, Juno Rinaldi was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She hasn’t talked about her family members’ jobs or backgrounds.

Her younger sister’s name is Darla Biccum. However, there is no information available about her. She obtained her high school graduation while attending Gulf Islands Secondary School.

Juno studied art theater and received an honors degree from the Vancouver studio. She has studied acting in addition to Studio 58 Theatre and Langara College.

Where Is Frankie Now?

Even though Juno has been performing in movies and on television since the 1990s, Workin’ Moms undoubtedly contributed to her popularity.

She wanted to take advantage of the numerous open avenues due to her work on the series. Even though she would be much missed on Workin’ Moms, it appears like she left the show amicably. In 2021, Juno revealed why she departed from Workin’ Moms in an Instagram post.

Frankie decided to depart the show (Source- tv-eh )

And it appears that those initiatives are now materializing at last! My Special Guest is a web series that Juno gets to host and interview people for.

She also portrayed April in the critically acclaimed and eagerly awaited television series Y: The Last Man, which was not renewed for additional seasons.

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