Nikki Allan Murder

Sunderland Nikki Allan Mother Sharon Allan Sisters And Siblings

 Nikki Allan Mother finally gets justice for her daughter after waiting for many years. It is one of the most devastating cases in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, many people are familiar with the Nikki Allan murder case. In Sunderland, England, a seven-year-old girl named Nikki Allan was killed in October 1992.

She had suffered 37 stab wounds when her body was discovered in a stairway of the apartment complex where she resided.

An inquiry was started to find the murderer after the case received tremendous media attention.

A prominent serial killer, Robert William Black, was formerly considered a suspect but later ruled out.

George Heron, a local teenager, was accused of killing Nikki in 1993. Despite being put on trial twice, he was never found guilty.

Before Police stated in 2017 that they had new DNA evidence, the case had gone unresolved for many years.

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Sunderland Nikki Allan Mother Sharon Allan

Sharon Henderson is Nikki Allan’s mother. Over the years, Sharon Henderson worked relentlessly to bring her daughter’s case to justice and increase media attention.

Sharon Henderson maintained faith that her daughter’s killer would be apprehended for over 30 years.

A horror that will never leave her is the terrible death of her beloved Nikki, who was stabbed 37 times and hit with a brick before being thrown into a deserted building.

Nikki Allan Mother
Nikki Allan Mother gets justice for her 7 year old daughter (Source:

Ms. Henderson, 56, appeared to be in a state of emotional collapse during the trial that has now revealed the truth about what occurred that gloomy October night in 1992.

However, the mother of four, a single parent, has fought for justice with steely grit.

Due to her efforts, Northumbria Police Chief Constable Steve Ashman and her met in 2017 and decided to fund a thorough investigation of the case with cutting-edge forensic methods.

Sunderland Nikki Allan Sisters Or Siblings

Three of Nikki’s sisters were her closest friends. There needs to be more information on them.

In the Wear Garth building in Sunderland’s east end, behind a red door, Nikki and her three sisters resided.

Despite the poverty and criminality that plagued the neighborhood, strong community ties existed there. The word spread quickly after Nikki vanished on a chilly Friday night in October 1992.

Nikki Allan Mother
Pedophile who killed Nikki is convicted for her murder (Source:

Numerous friends, family, and neighbors organized a search, scouring Hendon on the south side of the River Wear’s streets and abandoned buildings.

The following day, a young kid discovers Nikki’s bloody body in the basement of the demolished Old Exchange building, bringing horror and grief to the situation.

When the verdict was announced, the public gallery erupted in cheers as family members hugged one another.

Stacey Allan, Nikki’s sister, yelled, “Yes, thank you,” as she exited the court after others shouted at Boyd, but he didn’t seem to respond. 

Who Is The Murderer of Nikki Allan?

After a three-week trial, Stockton-on-Tees resident David Boyd, 55, was found guilty. On May 23, he will be sentenced.

The jury was informed that Boyd, then 25 years old, lived next door to Nikki in the Wear Garth apartments in Sunderland’s east end and that the girl’s babysitter was Boyd’s boyfriend.

He also knew how to enter the abandoned Old Exchange building through a broken, boarded-up window.

Nikki Allan Mother
David Boyd was sentenced for killing Nikki Allan (Source:

His DNA was discovered on Nikki’s clothing, and prosecutors claimed he had a “striking resemblance” to a man who had been seen with Nikki just before she passed away.

The court heard Boyd, of Chesterton Court in Norton, admitted to having thoughts about sexually abusing young children and was found guilty of the crime in 1999.

In addition, he was found guilty in 1986 of disturbing the peace when he seized a 10-year-old girl and begged her for a kiss and in 1997 of indecent exposure after flashing three young girls in a park.

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