Rey Cantong Wife

Rey Cantong Wife Kaye Malana Canton: Family And Ethnicity

Rey Cantong Wife: Rey Cantong and his wife Kaye Malana Canton embody a beautiful fusion of family values and rich ethnic heritage.

Rey Cantong, renowned for his songs “Tell Me Your Name,” “Beautiful Girl,” “Please Be Careful with My Heart,” and “Alipin,” is a celebrated vocalist.

He gained prominence as a member of the band Six Part Invention (SPI), which debuted in the Pinoy music scene in 2006.

There, he holds the position of primary singer and plays the guitar and keyboards in the band.

Ultimately, SPI gained recognition by having their songs featured in popular advertisements, such as “All This Time,” “Only For You,” and “Sana’y Ako Na Lang.”

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Rey Cantong Wife Kaye Malana Canton

Rey and Kaye Malana, integral members of the musical group Six Part Invention, married each other.

They are the talented individuals who create the popular song “Falling in Love.”

Given these points, Rey’s spouse, Kaye, is also a prominent singer in the band. Their love likely blossomed through their shared experiences as teammates, affording them ample opportunities to be in each other’s company.

Per a blog article, the couple’s wedding featured a color scheme of black and hot pink, chosen because Kaye is fond of hot pink while Rey prefers black.

Rey Cantong Wife
Rey Cantong and his wife Kaye Malana. (Source: Instagram)

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s uniqueness, Kaye desired a distinctive wedding, prompting their friends to brainstorm ideas to maintain an elegant and formal atmosphere while ensuring uniqueness.

Overall, the security measures at the wedding were stringent, so much so that they had marshals and bouncers stationed at both the church and reception venues to check the attendees.

On the other hand, DJ Hitman was present to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves, and true enough, people remained and had a fantastic time!

Moreover, the pair made a memorable trip to Batangas to film their wedding music video. The song “MINE” was created and written by Rey, and this rendition represents their unique take on the track.

Rey and Kaye personally recorded this music video, intending to serve as their wedding theme song.

Rey Cantong Family And Ethnicity

Rey and Kaye are both members of the Filipino community. They were fortunate to have a daughter named Imogen Cantong.

Similar to her parents, she possesses an extraordinary talent, as she released her first song titled ‘Da Da Da’ in 2023, which celebrates the special moments of a Filipino upbringing.

Her parents, Rey and Kaye Cantong, created and crafted the song reflecting joyful childhood memories. It draws its lively tune from Imogen’s early childhood, where she would hum the melody at the age of two.

Imogen not only serves as a resident panelist on the “Isip Bata” segment of “It’s Showtime,” but she also takes part as one of the highlighted vocalists in Jamie Rivera’s “3-in-1” track.

Imogen is also a passionate entertainer who finds great delight in singing and dancing.

Rey Cantong Wife
Rey Cantong and Kaye Malana with their daughter Imogen. (Source: Instagram)

Because her parents had a musical profession, she was inclined to sing and dance from a young age. She enjoys participating in school events that allow her to improve her self-assurance.

The kid mentioned that even when she was just two years old, she would observe and mimic music videos.

The sight of her parents performing also motivated her to pursue her performance.

To sum up, she admires various local and international artists, including Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Sarah Geronimo, Blackpink, Ariana Grande, and her parents’ band, Six Part Invention.

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