Kevin Mullan Death

Priest Kevin Mullan Death Cause And Obituary Tributes Pour Down Twitter

Kevin Mullan death has cast a shadow of sadness as communities mourn the loss of this beloved priest. Today, we honor his life and legacy, celebrating the profound impact he made on the lives of many.

Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh and was eagerly embarking on his new role when tragedy struck.

Fr. Kevin Mullan’s passing deeply saddened the communities of Omagh and Langfield, where he served as a dedicated parish priest.

The details surrounding his death were not provided, leaving the cause of his untimely passing unknown.

Before his demise, Fr. Kevin Mullan had made a regular Easter visit to the Derry Feis institution, where he held the esteemed position of chairperson and had previously served as secretary.

His ordination as a priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh marked the beginning of a promising journey tragically cut short.

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Priest Kevin Mullan Death Cause

The specific cause of death for Fr. Kevin Mullan has not been disclosed to the public.

Medical authorities have attempted to gather information from the family and close friends to provide further clarity, but no responses have been received thus far.

Once sufficient information becomes available, the page will be updated to reflect the cause of death for Fr. Kevin Mullan.

Kevin Mullan Death
The Mayor of Limavady, Councillor Gerry Mullan, welcomed Rev David Armstrong and Fr. Kevin Mullan to the Mayor’s Parlour in 2013. (Source: Derry Journal)

In the weeks following his passing, Fr. Kevin Mullan, who had recently been ordained as a priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh, had visited the Derry Feis institution for his customary Easter visit.

As the former secretary and late chairperson of the Feis, he was well-acquainted with the organization and strongly connected to it.

Before his retirement plans in November 2020, Fr. Kevin Mullan served as a parish priest in Drumquin, where he was highly regarded for his commitment to intercommunity and ecumenical work.

He notably offered care and support to those affected by the devastating Market Street bombing in 1998, earning him respect within the community.

Kevin Mullan Obituary

With deep sadness, we announce the passing of Langfield’s parish priest, Fr. Kevin Mullan, on May 6, 2023.

The news of his death was confirmed by various Christian organizations on social media, who expressed their condolences and prayers for his soul.

St. Davogs Dromore offered prayers for peace for Fr. Kevin Mullan while emphasizing his admirable character and the profound impact he had on his parishioners, who will dearly miss him.

The Committee of Feis Dhoire Cholmcille, representing the Derry Feis institution, expressed their profound sorrow upon learning of Fr. Kevin Mullan’s passing.

Kevin Mullan Death
May Kevin Mullan’s soul Rest In Peace. (Source: Sanatan)

Ursula Clifford, the registrar for Feis, described his death as heartbreaking.

Sibeal Sharkey, who considered him like a second mother, shared how passionate Fr. Kevin Mullan was about the dancing at the Feis and his dedication to organizing various disciplines.

The community mourns the loss of Fr. Kevin Mullan, a beloved figure known for his deep devotion and unwavering commitment to his parishioners and the Derry Feis institution.

His memory and contributions will forever be cherished. May he rest in eternal peace.

Kevin Mullan Tributes Pour Down Twitter

Twitter was flooded with heartfelt tributes following the passing of Fr. Kevin Mullan, a beloved priest and chairperson of the Derry Feis institution.

Various organizations and individuals expressed their deep sadness and condoled his family and friends.

In a statement, the Committee of Feis Dhoire Cholmcille conveyed their profound sorrow and described Fr. Kevin Mullan as highly regarded and widely respected.

They highlighted his long-standing association with the Feis, starting from the early 1970s when he took over as secretary.

Kevin Mullan Death
Fr Kevin Mullan, pictured at the centenary Feis Dhoire Cholmcille in 2022 with Feis Committee Members Colette Craig, Aisling Bonner and Ursula Clifford. (Source: Derry Journal)

Feis Registrar Ursula Clifford expressed her heartbreak upon hearing the news, emphasizing the priest’s passion for dancing and his dedication to the Feis.

St. Columba’s Church in Omagh also paid tribute, recognizing Fr. Kevin Mullan’s commitment to peace and partnership within the community.

The West Tyrone Feis acknowledged his integral role as chairman and his unwavering support and guidance.

The outpouring of tributes on Twitter reflects Fr. Kevin Mullan’s profound impact on the lives of many and the immense void his passing has left behind. May he rest in eternal peace.

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