Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia

King of Collectibles Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia Age Wife And Net Worth

Get information about Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia page, life, and career. Taubenfeld’s story is fascinating and inspiring as a legendary figure in the world of collectibles.

Jim Taubenfeld, also known as Jim, is an American attorney and President of Me Salve.

Born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico in 1965, Jim Taubenfeld spent his childhood and teenage years in the territory.

Taubenfeld earned a J.D. Degree from the University of Miami College, and his religious beliefs are rooted in his Jewish background.

While his zodiac sign is unknown, Taubenfeld’s achievements in the legal and business worlds have made him a notable figure in the United States.

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King of Collectibles Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia And Age

Jim Taubenfeld, known as the “King of Collectibles,” has made a name for himself by amassing the most extworld’s extensive collection of sports and non-sports memorabilia.

Jim Taubenfeld, also known as Jim, is a 59 years old American attorney and President of Me salve.

He is also the President of Me Salve, Inc., an online retailer specializing in apparel and accessories.

Taubenfeld’s impressive collection of memorabilia includes vintage comic books, rare sports items, and unique pieces of art, among other items.

Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia
Jim Taubenfeld cycling at Mount Hermon Israel (Source: Instagram)

He has become a hot topic on the web, with people eager to learn more about his private life and biography.

Born in Puerto Rico in 1965, Taubenfeld spent his formative years in the United States after his parents brought him there.

While little is known about his family background, Taubenfeld has preferred to keep his private life away from the media’s spotlight.

Despite being a highly successful lawyer and businessman, Taubenfeld remains humble, preferring to let his impressive collection of memorabilia speak for itself.

Jim Taubenfeld Age And Wife

For those curious about Jim Taubenfeld’s personal life, the “King of Collectibles” has tied the knot with his wife Moira Shub Taubenfeld.

He married his longtime sweetheart, Moira Shub Taubenfeld, in Florida in 1988.

Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia
Jim Taubenfeld with his wife in Girona, Barcelona (Source: Instagram)

The couple exchanged their vows with their close friends and family members.

Although not much is known about Moira’s professional background, she is accessible on Facebook, and her pictures with Jim can be found on his account.

The couple has three children, two daughters and one son. It is not surprising that Jim has kept his private life away from the media spotlight as he is very private.

Despite his hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, Jim spends quality time with his family, and his wife remains his biggest supporter. 

Jim Taubenfeld Net Worth And Career

Jim Taubenfeld’s net worth as of 2023 is a topic of interest among many people.

Due to his long-standing career in the retail sector spanning over thirty years, he is estimated to have accumulated a fortune of over $5 million.

Taubenfeld is currently the President of Me Salve, Inc., a retailing firm he has been associated with since 1994.

 Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia
Jim Taubenfeld with NBA All-Star Chicago 2020 photo shoot (Source: Instagram)

The company is headquartered in Catano, Puerto Rico, USA. Despite his years in the industry, not much is known about his work life, and he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Taubenfeld also has ties to a rival firm called Blue Water, adding to his industry experience. In April 2023, he was spotted at the premiere party of the Netflix series “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.”

The show primarily follows Ken Goldin, a pioneering CEO in the collectibles industry.

Despite the mystery surrounding his work life, Taubenfeld’s success in the industry speaks for itself, with his impressive net worth a testament to his achievements.

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