Janna Breslin Fitness, Age, Height, Diet, Body, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Instagram

Janna Breslin age, height, body
Janna Breslin is 30 years old model, fitness coach and stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches

Fitness is one of the regions where men are supposed to be more active. But in the present context female like Janna Breslin has set an example that to stay fit and healthy gender does not matter either does age. While most of the women all around the globe are struggling to lose weight, this lady has a fatless body. Not only has she become an inspiration to get an ideal body but is a famous fitness coach who shares her works too.

Janna Breslin height
Janna Breslin stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches

Moving on, Janna has also made her name as a model. Many might know here body journey, but there are only some who are aware of her struggle. In this article, all we are going to do is talk about this fashionista. The discussion will include her age, height, body, career, net worth, and more. Wait until we share about her workouts and diets. Before getting into all these stuff, let’s take a look at some quick facts;

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Who Is Janna Breslin?- Family, Childhood, and Education

This inspiring model was born in Thousands Oaks in California, USA. She is blessed to have the parents who keep motivating her no matter what happens in life. Sources also suggest that she is the only kid in her family. Hence it was inevitable for her to get all the attention in her family.

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Since her childhood, Janna was keen on sport and played soccer, track and field, cross country, and more. During her high school, Breslin was fascinated by weight training. She started her own work out routine and was able to get her ideal weight.

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Even more, Breslin sent four years in the choir and later graduated from California State University in 2008. In 2012 she received a bachelor’s degree in health communication. Moreover, this fashionista is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

How Old Is Janna Breslin?- Age, Height and Body Measurement

This diva was born in the year 1990 on the 16th day of February. In 2020 she is 30 years old and falls under the sun sign of Aquarius. Being a model, she stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm. Even more, she has maintained her body weight up to 139 pounds, which translates to 63 kg.

Janna Breslin age
Janna Breslin is 30 years old fitness model

There is no denying that Breslin has a fatless hot body in the fashion industry. However, there is n further information about her vital statistics. Moving on, she has ocean deep blue eyes, long brown hair, and a tanned complex is a must.

Janna Breslin Workout Tips and Diets

As a fitness guru, this lady trains up to four to six times a week. Her daily workouts consist of 45 minutes. She adores cardio, HIIT swimming, running up on the hill sprints, and more. She once said in an interview that,

I start off with the lower body, upper body, rest day, lower body, upper body. I like this schedule because it’s easy to remember. I rarely do steady-state cardio. The most I do is walking my dog every day. My favorite type is sprinting because it’s more time-efficient and you naturally create more HGH (Human Growth Hormone).”

Breslin insists on making her diet healthy and enriches in nutrition. Like every athlete, he means consist of a lot of proteins and avoids food that contains gluten, for instance, sugar, soy, dairy, and more. She also ensures that she is consuming a bit of healthy data rather than carbs. In an interview she said,

“I don’t count calories or macros as I have a good sense of what I’m eating and what I need more or less of every day (that just comes with time and understanding nutrition. When I cut out those things myself, I noticed a massive difference in my overall health and found it a million times easier to stay lean and feeling great. Another tip I recommend is sleeping as much as you can!”

For Janna, athletes lie Justine Munro and Paige Hathaway are the two big influencers in her life. She says, “Both of them are gorgeous inside and out, very strong but feminine, and have amazing figures. They work hard and kick b**ty, and I respect them for that.” As for supplements, he consumes probiotics, Fish oil, Vitamin D, Digestive enzymes, N-Acetyl- Cysteine (NAC).


After the completion of her high school, Janna started her career instantly. However, her work was not as a model, she received several temporary jobs. Sometimes she was a receptionist at a senior home, which she claims to be one of her favorite jobs.

After that, she became a pharmacy sales representative. Approximately about a year, her whole team got to let go as an excess workforce. In 2008 this lady also participated National Physique Committee competitions for three years. During that time, she became six times winner and got trophies.

Janna Breslin magazine
Janna Breslin appeared in the cover magazine of Portfolio

That surely boosted her fame and garnered a lot of attention. All liked her bikini body, and soon she received a chance to advertise small brands. In 2011 Janna decided to move from the swimwear model to a fitness model. At first, it was very challenging, but as time passed, she got used to it.

After getting a slice of victory in each and every competition, she decided to make fitness her full-time career. In an interview, she opened her feelings saying,

“After that first show, I decided that fitness and nutrition became my absolute passion and my choice to shift my career as a pharmaceutical rep to a personal trainer and nutritional therapist!”

Who Is The Husband of Janna Breslin? Does She Have A Boyfriend?

There is no denying that any men would love the assistance of this brilliant persona in her life. Being a celebrity, there is very little information known about her in the general media. But that is not enough to stop her fans from stalking and wanting to know more about all. Among everything, her relationship seems to be the question that goes in every fan’s mind once in a while.

Well, it might break some of the men’s hear to know that she has already walked down the aisle with an anonymous man. Sources suggest that he is a US Air Force pilot. The lovey-dovey couple walked down the aisle somewhere in 2014. Before their marriage, it is reported that the duo spent a lot of quality time together.

The ceremony was private randomly a few ones, including her family, friends, and loved ones. That might be the reason why the location and her bridal wear are still in the dark. Despite all this, we do know that they are living somewhere in San Diego, California.

Janna Breslin husband
Janna Breslin is a happily married woman

After being together for more than six years, their love for each other has not changer a bit. It might not harm us to say that they have been a perfect example in the industry where couples are getting divorced more often.

Although it has been several years, they are not planning to have a baby. Neither they have any biological kids, nor are they planning to have one. We hope that they will welcome some new life any time soon. Till then, stay tuned!

What Is The Net Worth of Janna Breslin? How Much Is Her Salary?

There is no denying that people like Janna can garner fans and love in an instant. People like her are always spending their life inspiring others and looking for a better future. As mentioned above, Breslin is a model, fitness guru, nutritionist, and whatnot.

Janna Breslin net worth
Janna Breslin sits on the net worth of $1 million

With her work, she has been able to garner a lot of fans following. Similarly, she also makes truckloads money from her work. In 2020 Janna sits on the net worth of $1 million. In contrast to her hard work and contribution to the different fields of fashion, this amount seems to quite less.

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According to label sources, it has been revealed that this fitness geek loves animals and has one as a pet. She owns a dog whose name is Mayday. Undoubtedly this fashionista is living a lavish lifestyle along with her beloved husband. Furthermore, there is no valid data about her salary, cars, and mansions.

Social Media Presence

Everybody is well aware of the power of the Internet and people not knowing the tendency of it might be lagging behind. To support her work Janna has her own website, a podcast that is famous all over the world. You can follow this fantastic diva on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: 698k followers

Twitter: 5k followers


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