Chelan Simmons Final Destination 3, Body, Husband & Net Worth

Chelan Simmons is a professional model who has appeared in the blockbuster movie of the industry. Even though her role might be small, but the work she has done is big in the film. Some of them include the likes of Final Destination 3, Good Luck Chuck, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, to name a few.

Chelan Simmons height
Chelan Simmons is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

By now, there might be a little glimpse of her in your mind. Also, we know that you might want to know more about this actress and model. Don’t worry, as in this article we will reveal each and everything you wanted to know about this lady. The discussion will include age, height, body, career, husband, net worth, and more. Before all this, let’s know Chelan through some quick facts;

Chelan Simmons Parents, Siblings, Childhood, and Education

This young girl was born in a beautiful place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There is no doubt that this actress was always motivated by her parents to accomplish more in her life. In fact, because of her parents, she entered the movie industry at the age of five.

Chelan Simmons age
Chelan Simmons is 37 years old.

As being one of the most sought out actresses, Chelan likes to maintain herself. Therefore she goes to the gym more often than not to shape her body as she desires. That is why she has a curvy figure, which suits her in every cloth she is wearing.

Some of them include television films such as Chupacabra: Dark Seas, Snakehead Terror. What’s more, is that she also got a role in the Final Destination franchise. Chelan portrayed the role of Ashley Freund in Final Destination 3. Soon she starred in Dr. Dolittle 3, John Tucker Must Die, Wind Chill, to name a few.

Other movie includes the likes of Bingo (1991), The Long Weekend (2005), Christmas Cottage (2008), See No Evil 2 (2014), Smallville (2002), Wonderfalls (2004), Supernatural (2005), Psych (2006), Men in Trees (2006), The L.A. Complex (2012), Action Dad (2012).

Who Is The Husband of Chelan Simmons? Does She Have A Kid?

As mentioned above, Chelan is a model plus actor who has been garnering many fans since her arrival. With her popularity and increase in fame, fans are always curious about her on-screen and off-screen life. Hence her personal life is still under the radar.

She bumped into handsome Christ Harrison on the set of Monster Island in 2004. Soon they started dating each other for quite a while. After that, they thought of taking their relationship to a new level, i.e., marriage. The actor proposed the beauty on the auspicious day of July 28, 2008.

Chelan Simmons husband
Chelan Simmons is married to Greg Street.

After a year, on September 6, 2009, they walked down the aisle. The ceremony was a private function, and the bride maid was none other than model Crystal Lowe. However, their relationship did not go as expected, and they broke up in 2013.

But that was not the end for Simmons. Life has different turning and awaits a new and different beginning. This time she fell in love with Greg Street. Soon after that, they tied a know in 2015. After a year, they gave birth to their first kid on June 1, 2016. In spite of this, they have not revealed the name of their daughter.

What Is The Net Worth of Chelan Simmons?

Undoubtedly this model plus actress makes truckloads of money from her career. In 2020 some sources suggested that Simmons sits on an estimated net worth of $3 million.

In contrast to her work, efforts and determination put into different fields of the show business, this amount seems to be quite less. Although she is happy about how much she makes out of her talent and creativity.

Chelan Simmons net worth
Chelan Simmons has a net worth of $3 million.

Apart from playing in the movie, she is always busy with photoshoots, brand endorsements, ad campaigns, and other ventures. What’s surprising is the fact that she has the stamina to handle both and excel in it.

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