Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg arrive at the AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) Awards at The Star, Sydney. (Source: 7news)

How These Two Have Stayed Together for 30 Years: You Won’t Believe Their Secrets!

Simon Baker and his wife Rebecca Rigg were together for nearly three decades and had three kids, a testament to their successful marriage. 

A few quick facts about Simon Baker include that he is an Australian actor and director, best known for his roles in the Australian drama series The Guardian, The Mentalist, and Breath.

Baker and Rigg have been married since 1998 and have three children, Stella Breeze (born 1998), Claude Blue (born 2001), and Harry Friday (born 2004).

Baker’s career began in the early 1990s when he appeared in several Australian films, including Lantana and Love Serenade.

In 1998, This Australian Actor starred in the Oscar-nominated crime thriller L.A. Confidential.

Since then, Simon has taken on many diverse roles in both U.S. and Australian films and television shows. Baker won a Golden Globe award for his role in The Guardian and has also been nominated for four Emmys for his part in The Mentalist.

Rebecca Rigg is an Australian actress who has starred in various feature films and television series.

Rigg has appeared in Love Serenade, Flirting, and Paradise Road and is best known for her role as Casey Braxton in Home and Away.

The Combined And Individual Net Worth of  Rigg And Baker And The Sources of Their Wealth

Rigg was married to Baker, and together, they have a combined net worth of around $30 million. Baker’s individual net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, while Rigg’s is thought to be around $14 million.

Most of Baker’s wealth comes from the roles in television and film, while Rigg’s wealth primarily comes from Rigg’s career as an actress.

Rebecca Rig and Simon Baker at a Award Function Together (Source: People )
Rebecca Rig and Simon Baker at a Award Function together (Source: People )

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Baker and Rigg  Their Efforts To Maintain A Strong Relationship With Their Kids

The couple met in 1996 while filming the Australian movie Love Serenade and tied the knot two years later in 1998. They welcomed their first child in 1998, and their second in 2001.

As parents, Baker and Rigg prioritize their kids over their careers and try to take time off when they can spend quality time with them.

It’s clear that their strong bond has had a positive influence on their three children, and their net worth reflects the success of their decades-long partnership.

Simon Baker's Daughter Stella (Source: Instagram)
Simon Baker’s Daughter Stella (Source: Instagram)

They have also found ways to keep their life fun and exciting by constantly making new memories With their Childrens.

Both Simon and Rebecca strive to prioritize family time over work. Although it can be difficult with their busy schedules, they try to have regular family dinners and spend quality time together with their kids whenever possible.

This has been key for them in strengthening their bond as a family.

The couple also maintains a healthy lifestyle, which is essential for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being for their Family of Five.

The Balance and Prioritization of Career And Family Life For A Couple

Simon and Rebecca practice gratitude and appreciation for their lives, counting their blessings every day.

They use this mindset to keep their relationship strong and focus as Single parents on the positive aspects of their life rather than the negative.

When asked about the secrets to their long-term success, Simon and Rebecca attribute it to being patient with each other.

The Adorable are willing to forgive and have learned to move on from arguments and disagreements quickly.

The divorced couple have also found ways to keep their life fun and exciting by constantly making new memories

Simon and Rebecca also emphasize the importance of communication in their marriage.

The two are very open with each other and make sure to talk through any issues they may be having in order to keep their relationship strong.

The Couple both realize it’s important to be honest and that little things can become bigger problems if they’re not dealt with immediately.

The couple also makes sure to take time out of the day for themselves.

Picture of Rebecca and Simon when they were together as a couple (Source: Uk finance yahoo)
Picture of Rebecca and Simon when they were together as a couple (Source: Uk finance yahoo)

Whether it’s going on a walk, reading a book, or spending time alone, they recognize the importance of taking care of themselves first before taking care of others.

Simon and Rebecca have also implemented a weekly date night routine into their schedule, which helps them stay connected With their kids .

It allows Baker & Rigg to take a break from their Career and focus on each other, refreshing their relationship and reigniting the spark between their kids.

The couple had also participate in couples therapy sessions, which provide them with the opportunity to discuss topics openly and share their feelings without judgment.

It gave them a safe space to work through any issues they may be facing and build strong foundations for the future.

Simon and Rebecca strongly believe that respect and love should be at the core of any relationship.

Although disagreements are inevitable, they practice respect in all situations, avoiding hurtful language and unhelpful comments.

They also make sure to show love and appreciation for each other every day.

From saying “I love you” to giving compliments to simple acts of kindness, they take steps to maintain their connection and show how much they care.

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