Christophe Rull and Wilma Rull

Bake Squad: Who Is Christophe Rull Wife, Wilma Rull? Kids And Parents

Christophe Rull and his wife, Wilma Rull, have been married for nearly 5 years. Wilma Rull is a Fitness Instructor. Uncover the  Inspiring Love Story of Christophe and Wilma Rull and their kids and parents. 

The love story of pastry chef Christophe Rull and Wilma Dizon Rull is a beautiful example of why we never give up on pursuing true love.

With roots in France, Christophe has built an impressive career in the food industry over the last two decades.

He developed a soothing passion for cooking and baking from a young age but was faced with a difficult decision at age 15 when he had to choose between school and work.

Fortunately, he chose to go down the path of his dreams, ultimately leading him to meet his soon-to-be wife.

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Before we jump into their marriage details, 

Meet Christophe Rull Wife Wilma Rull

Wilma Rull is an Assistant Controller, Fitness Instructor, and Beachbody Coach. She is best known as the wife of a French-born pastry chef, Christophe Rull. 

In December 2017, the couple got engaged, and months later, in the paradise of Maui, they said, “I do.” Christophe, full of joy, shared his wedding news with his fans on Instagram, saying: “This is happening!! I am engaged to the love of my life, I love you forever #love.”

The Maui wedding of Christophe Rull and Wilma Diya Rull was absolutely breathtaking and full of love.

For their special ceremony, they were surrounded by friends and family while they said their vows.

Christophe rull and Wilma Rull
Christophe rull and Wilma Rull’s Wedding Picture. (Source: Instagram)

The couple received much love and blessings, and their wedding photos are evidence that it was a beautiful event

Since then, Christophe and Wilma have been continuously posting pictures of each other, displaying an adorable relationship.

Baking Charity And True Love: The Christophe and Wilma Rull Story

Christophe creates baking content on his social media platforms, often featuring Wilma as his sidekick.

Together they’ve created a strong online presence of positive energy, which is inspiring for their fan base.

On their first anniversary, the couple celebrated by renewing their vows and had an even more epic celebration than before.

Guests traveled from across the globe to witness this beautiful occasion and share in their love.

The ceremony was adorned with pink and white flowers, just like their first wedding, and both wore white gowns with flower crowns on their heads.

Today the couple continues to spread love and joy through their baking creations, adorable Instagram photos, and frequent blog posts.

They’re also involved in numerous charity projects like the “Save Our Bees” campaign, through which they help provide beekeeping resources to beekeepers in Haiti.

Their advocacy for the environment doesn’t just stop at bees, though.

The couple also teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to help protect endangered animals, educating their followers about climate change and inspiring them to take action.

Aside from their working and charitable efforts, Christophe and Wilma also make time to travel the world.

Whether they’re visiting a beach destination or embarking on a European adventure, their travels offer a unique insight into their budding marriage and what it’s like to find long-lasting, true love.

Do Christophe Rull and  Wilma Rull have kids?

The couple is yet to have a baby. However,  Wilma has one adult child from a previous relationship.

Together, the three of them have developed an incredibly strong bond and often make time to spend quality time with each other, whether it’s going to the park or simply cooking dinner together.

Wilma Rull and her son from her previous relationship.
Wilma Rull and her son from her previous relationship. (Source: Instagram

From game nights to dinner dates, the couple always creates joy and laughter with their special group.

Christophe and Wilma are also very active in the food industry and are frequently invited to events and programs related to cooking and baking. 

They’re always willing to lend their expertise or advise aspiring pastry chefs and entrepreneurs.

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