Charles Albright

The Eyeball Killer Charles Albright Wife Bettye Nestor Married Life And Children

The Eyeball Killer Charles Albright wife, Bette Nestor, was dating Charles while attending college. Learn more about Charles’s married life.

After being released from prison, Charles Albright majored in pre-medical studies at Arkansas State Teachers College. He was expelled from the college but not charged when he was discovered to have stolen goods.

He allegedly did not care and fabricated a degree. He obtained fake bachelor’s and master’s degrees by stealing papers and forging signatures.

He wed his college sweetheart, and the two eventually had a daughter. He persisted in forging checks until he was discovered while working as a high school teacher. Charles was then put on probation.

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Meet The Eyeball Killer Charles Albright Wife: Bettye Nestor

While attending college, Charles became friends with and began dating Bettye Nestor. They got married, and they had a kid.

Charles was hired as a teacher at a high school but was suspended due to check fraud. In 1974, Charles and his wife were divorced.

He was given a two-year jail term for shoplifting items worth hundreds of dollars from a hardware store. He was released less than six months later.

Charles Albright Wife
Charles Albright Wife and his daughter (Source- Texas Monthly )

During a visit in 1981, Charles assaulted the friend’s 14-year-old daughter sexually. He was detained and later admitted guilt. Charles was placed on probation once more.

On August 10, 1933, Charles Frederick Albright was born in Amarillo, Texas. Delle and Fred Albright adopted him from an orphanage. He received coaching from his adoptive mother, a teacher, and could skip two classes.

Charles used to shoot tiny animals with his gun. They would stuff the animals with his mother, who had a passion for taxidermy. Charles started stealing when he was just 13 years old. Additionally, he had been detained for serious assault.

Charles Albright Married Life And Children

Charles Albright has a daughter with his college girlfriend, Bettye Nestor. The couple got separated after having a baby girl.

Charles Frederick Albright, commonly known as the “Eyeball Killer,” was a murderer and possible serial killer from Texas who was arrested in 1991 after being found guilty of killing one lady and suspected of killing two more. He was detained at Lubbock, Texas’s John Montford Psychiatric Unit.

As a teenager, Albright used his first gun to shoot and kill small animals. Due to his desire to become a taxidermist, his mother would assist him in stuffing the animals.

The serial killer
The serial killer, Charles Albright (Source- Serial Killer Shop )

He was already a petty thief and had been detained for severe assault at 13. He completed high school at 15 and began attending North Texas University.

Charles indicated a desire to pursue training as a surgeon and medical professional. He started pre-med school, but he didn’t finish.

He was apprehended by the authorities at the age of 16 with stolen small change, two pistols, and a rifle. He was imprisoned for a year.

Charles Albright Relationship Timeline

In 1985, he had a meeting with Dixie Auston in Arkansas. In the end, she moved in with him. While Charles delivered newspapers under the pretense of seeing prostitutes, Dixie financially supported the pair.

Mary Lou Pratt, a prostitute who was 35 years old, was Charles’ first known victim on December 13, 1990.

She was shot in the head, with her eyeballs pulled out of their sockets and only a t-shirt on. Susan Peterson and Shirley Williams, who were prostitutes, were discovered dead and dumped similarly.

Three charges of murder were brought against Charles after his arrest. The arrest of Charles was greatly assisted by Dallas Police officers John Matthews and Regina Smith, as well as by the Journalist Christine Wicker.

The trial commenced on December 13, 1991. Except for his hair, discovered at the scene of Shirley’s murder, the prosecution’s case was primarily circumstantial.

Shirley Williams’ murder was the only one for which Charles was found guilty. He received a life sentence in jail.

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