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Tina Knight Wikipedia: Where Is She From? Husband Age Gap And Family

Tina Knight Wikipedia is dedicated to providing information about the life and legacy of Tina Knight. Tina impact and influence continue to be felt by those who knew her.

Tina Knight is a business consultant hailing from the United Kingdom.

She does not appear to be very active on social media, which means limited information is available about her.

However, Tina Knight recently gained public attention on 7 March 2021 when she appeared on Jeremy Vine’s show.

During the show, Tina Knight said that migrants should not cross on dangerous boats and that such illegal activities should be stopped.

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Tina Knight Wikipedia And Origin

Tina is from the United Kingdom. But unfortunately, there is no information about Tina Knight Wikipedia or background.

While it’s possible that she may have had a fascinating or unique story, the lack of information only adds to her mystique and leaves much to the imagination.

There are no information on Tina knight Personal Life (Source: LandLordZone)
There is no information on Tina knight Personal Life (Source: LandLordZone)

Despite this, we can still honor Tina’s memory and appreciate her impact on those around her, regardless of where she came from.

It’s a reminder that each person’s life is valuable and meaningful, regardless of origin or background.

Tina Knight Husband Clyde Freeman

Tina knight Husband is Clyde Freeman. There seems to be little information about Tina Knight’s husband, Clyde Freeman.

While it’s possible that he may have had a rich and exciting life, the lack of information leaves much to the imagination.

Tina Knight says employees set a bad example by working from home (Source: Essex live)
Tina Knight says employees set a bad example by working from home (Source: Essex Live)

Despite this, we can still appreciate his support and love for Tina and their family.

Clyde’s presence in Tina’s life was undoubtedly essential and meaningful, regardless of the unknown details.

It’s a reminder that sometimes the most essential things in life are the intangible qualities of love, support, and connection we share with others.

Tina Knight Family And Kids 

Tina Knight was survived by her loving family, including her husband Clyde Freeman, daughter Vicki Lynn Bradford, son-in-law Johnathan Adam Bradford, and her grandchildren Bryan, Sebastion, and Susan Bradford.

It’s clear that Tina cherished her family and held them close to her heart. Vicki Lynn Bradford, Tina’s daughter, was undoubtedly a source of pride and joy for her.

She likely watched with pride as Vicki grew into a caring and accomplished adult, marrying and starting her own family.

Tina Knight Has A lovely daughter named Vicki Lynn Bradford (Source: Express)
Tina Knight Has A lovely daughter named Vicki Lynn Bradford (Source: Express)

Tina’s grandchildren, Bryan, Sebastion, and Susan Bradford were likely the apple of her eye.

She may have spent countless hours doting on them, watching them grow and develop into their unique individuals.

In times of loss, the family can provide comfort and support. It’s clear that Tina’s family meant the world to her, and in turn, they will carry on her legacy with love and pride.

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Tina Kinght Career Beginnings

Tina Knight invested £4,000 in the beginning to launch Nighthawk Electronics.

She increased the company’s income to almost £2 million in three years.

Nighthawk Electronics soon built a varied customer base that depended on the company’s products, ranging from tiny businesses to significant international corporations.

In addition to holding seats on the boards of numerous public and private firms, Tina Knight is involved in several businesses, notably Nighthawk Enterprises Limited.

She is currently actively involved in creating a new business that will produce an original product created in Britain. Both domestic and foreign investors have shown interest in this business.

Tina Knight made history by being the first woman to receive the renowned TOBIE (Technology or Business Innovation in Electronics) “Personality of the Year” award.

She has served in prominent roles, including Chairman of “Women into Business,” Vice Chairman of the Small Business Bureau, and President of the London Region of the Women Entrepreneurs National Council.

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