Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois

Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois Assistant Principal Accused Of Assaulting Student

Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois Assistant Principal, was arrested for having sex with a minor student.

Criminal charges have been brought against an assistant principal at Edwardsville High School for allegedly having sex with a kid she supervised.

Erin Hamilton-Foley, 50, is accused of two counts of criminal sexual assault by the prosecution.

Erin Hamilton-Foley, an associate principle at Edwardsville High School, was charged on Wednesday with two charges of criminal sexual assault for allegedly having a relationship with a student who is 17 years old.

Following a claim that Hamilton-Foley had a sexual interaction with a teenager, the Edwardsville Police Department detained him on Tuesday.

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Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois Assistant Principal Accused Of Assaulting Student

 According to a press statement from Madison County State’s Attorney Thomas Haine, a report that Edwardsville Police in Missouri received on Monday claimed that a school assistant principal allegedly had sexual contact with a child under the age of 18.

She was detained on allegations of sexual assault a day later.

Hamilton-Foley was the student’s designated mentor at the time of the alleged sexual assaults, according to the criminal documents.

Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois
Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois principal charged with sex crimes (Source: News-journal)

“It is a crime when adults in positions of trust, authority, and supervision over our youths – let alone their students – manipulate that power dynamic for sex,” Haine said in the press release.

“We prosecute such offenses following their seriousness. Such behaviors seriously impair several interpersonal connections and our community as a whole while undermining trust in our schools and teachers.”

Jodi Pinkas, a parent, expressed her shock and disappointment.

Who is Erin Foley?

Edwardsville High School’s assistant principal is Erin Hamilton-Foley. Foley assisted children with tailored education programs.

According to the District 7 website, Foley is in charge of students in the 11th grade and is responsible for the following curricular components: math, CASTLE/FLS/PAES, Tiger Den, Sophomore Class Officers 2023, and Senior Awards Night.

According to her teaching license, Foley has endorsements as a school social worker for grades pre-kindergarten through age 22, general administrative for grades kindergarten through 12, and superintendent duties for grades pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois
Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois Assistant principle is accused of sexual assault (Source: Advantagenews)

These endorsements were all issued in 2002, 2005, and 2020, respectively.

“She worked closely with my daughter throughout all of the IEP meetings. She and I crossed paths at the supermarket. We would frequently converse.

Since Jaidyn had been out of school, she had regularly checked in on her to see how she was doing.

Pinkas said she was a significant mentor and impacted my kids’ lives, so it’s pretty shocking.

Erin Foley Edwardsville Illinois Assistant Principal Charges

According to sources, Edwardsville High School’s assistant principal is accused of committing a felony sexual assault. She is accused of sexually assaulting a kid twice in violation of the law.

The assistant principal of Edwardsville High School was charged in the case with sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student, according to the prosecutor.

Erin L. Foley was the victim’s designated mentor, according to the Madison County prosecutor.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, the assistant principal is said to have been detained. A $250,000 bond was mandated.

The Edwardsville School District made the following statement:

We know that a District #7 team member has been criminally charged, the Edwardsville High School district said in a statement following Erin Foley’s arrest.

Our top priorities are the welfare, safety, and health of our pupils. To that end, whenever an investigation might involve a District #7 student or team member, District #7 fully cooperates with the local law authorities.

On personnel issues, District #7 is unable to make any further comments. To learn more about the incident, Police are asking for assistance from others.

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