Eden Polani Age

Eden Polani Age: How Old Is She? Parents And Family

Fans are now wondering about Eden Polani age after she was seen with Actor Leonardo DiCaprio at a recent Party. 

Eden Polani is a professional Israeli fashion and runway model who works with IT Models and has been represented by Next Model Management in London

Polani has 206k followers on Instagram, and her followership is rumored to increase due to a rumored link-up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, there is limited personal information about Poland’s family and background.

Polani is a stunning model with five feet nine-inch height and fifty-three kilograms of body weight.

She has beautiful brown hair, green eyes, and a body measurement of  30-24-34 inches.

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Eden Polani Age: How Old Is She?

Eden Polani is currently age 19. She was born on March 21, 2003, in Isreal. Not much information about Eden Polani has been published yet.

Eden Polani and Leonardo DiCaprio Were Seen Together at the Los Angeles release Party for Ebony Riley’s New EP. ( Image Source: OK Magazine )

She rose to fame after she was seen with Actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Various rumors hit the internet about their dating; however, any official information has not come out yet.

Earlier, Leonardo DiCaprio was in a relationship with American Model Camila Morrone. The couple ended their four years of relationship on mutual interest in 2022.

Since then, Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone, so several pieces of news regarding his new relationship buzz the internet from time to time.

Eden Polani Parents And Family

No information about Eden Polina’s parents and family have been published till now. We still don’t know who her parents are and what their names are.

Her personal life is extremely private, and very little information about her personal life has been published up to now.  We have zero knowledge about her siblings and other members of the family.

19 Years Old Eden Polani Looking Amazing In Black Over Coat. ( Image Source: Instagram)

Polani established herself as a successful model and a fashion industry star at a young age.

She has been featured in various high-fashion magazines, photoshoots, and advertising because of her exceptional beauty and ideal physique.

The stunning model is just age 19, but her success has skyrocketed.

Eden Polani Relationship Timeline 

Eden Polani dated Gil Ofer in 2022. Ofer was the son of businessman Idan Ofer.

The relationship made a headline after the relationship was finally revealed to the public. Ofer posted their photo on social media, revealing their love to their fans.

Polani and the billionaire son met at Gil’s birthday Party a year back. However, the relationship was kept private, taking the fact that Polani was underage at that time.

The couple had a significant age difference of about 12-13 years. Despite the age differences, the couple shared a strong bond and had been in a relationship for more than a year.

Eden Polani and Gil Ofer Met at Gil’s Birthday Party. (Image Source: Time News )

The couple dated for more than a year despite all the criticism about the age gap. 

The nature of their relationship is currently uncertain. Various rumors suggest that Polani broke up with Gil as she was seen repeatedly with Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but the rumors are yet to confirm.

The 48-year-old titanic star is seated next to Israeli model Eden Polani at the Los Angeles release party for Ebony Riley’s new EP.

DiCaprio wore dark slacks and a black bomber jacket. He topped off his ensemble with his distinctive baseball cap.

The Israeli beauty wore a white shirt with a grey pinstripe suit. Throughout the ceremony, the couple could be seen grinning as they conversed.

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