Catriona Gray Siblings

Catriona Gray Siblings: Sister Luisa Vanessa And Brother Clint Gray

Catriona Gray Siblings are her biggest supporters and admirers. Gray has two siblings, sister Luisa Vanessa and brother Clint Gray. Together, they have an incredible bond. 

Born on January 6th, 1994, Catriona Gray is a 29-year-old Filipina model. Besides being a model, she is also a singer, television personality, youth advocate and arts ambassador. 

Multitalented Gray is best known as Miss Universe 2018. She was crowned Miss World Philippines 2016 and Miss Universe Philippines 2018. 

As a singer, Catriona has released several singles such as “We’re in this Together,” “R.Y.F,” “R.Y.F (Nu Disco),” “Angel of Mine” (duet with Jay R) and “Love Language.”

She rose to prominence after representing the Philippines in the Miss World 2016 competition held in the United States.

Since then, Gray has become an influential figure and an advocate for various causes. 

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Catriona Gray Siblings 

Catriona Gray has two siblings: Luisa Vanessa Gray and brother Clint Gray. Luisa Vanessa Gray is her elder sister. Likewise, Clint Gray is her older half-brother. 

They were born to father Ian Gray, an Australian of Scottish descent, and mother Normita Ragas Magnayon, a Filipino. 

Catriona Gray Siblings and parents
Catriona Gray with her Siblings and parents. (Source: Facebook

Gray’s family moved to the Philippines when they were just young kids and grew up in Oas, Albay,

The renowned Filipinai-Australian model Catriona Gray has a loving and supportive family. They have played a vital role in her life. 

Their love and continuous support have surely boosted Catriona’s confidence and success.

Catriona Gray Sister Luisa Vanessa 

Luisa Vanessa Gray, the older sister, is a truly remarkable person.

She is a licensed physician who graduated from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health in the Philippines.

 Luisa completed her medical residency at the prestigious Philippine General Hospital.

While Luisa’s profession is already noteworthy, her dedication to humanitarian work sets her apart.

Catriona Gray with her mother
Catriona Gray with her mother.(Source: Instagram

She generously volunteers her time and expertise with various organizations, providing much-needed medical care to those who most need it.

In 2013, Luisa was part of a medical mission in the Philippines, extending her help to individuals affected by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan.

Additionally, she served as a volunteer physician during the Marawi Crisis in 2017.

Despite her busy schedule, Luisa always supports her sister Catriona’s career.

Whether attending pageant competitions or cheering her on from the sidelines, Luisa is always there, offering unwavering support to her sister. 

Catriona Brother Clint Gray Timeline

Catriona Gray shares a beautiful bond with her older half-brother, Red Gaurano Gray.

Despite having different mothers and growing up in different parts of the world, their connection remains strong.

Red is a  registered nurse who graduated from the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines.

Catriona often speaks fondly of her brother.

Red has supported Catriona constantly throughout her journey as a beauty pageant, attending events and cheering her.

In addition to his nursing career, Red Gray is also an entrepreneur. He has successfully established a restaurant and bar in Cebu City.

Catriona admires her brother Red and shares a strong bond with him. 

Catriona Gray Relationship 

Catriona Gray is engaged! Celebrity couple Catriona Gray and Sam Milby recently got engaged after years of dating.

They announced following speculation and excitement among their fans.

The couple had kept their relationship low-key, but photos of them with Gray’s father sparked dating rumors.

Catriona Gray Relationship 
Catriona Gray with her Fiance.(Source: Instagram

 Milby publicly declared their relationship on his birthday, sharing a photo and beautiful words.

They announced their engagement in February with a photo showing them together, holding cups with “Future Mrs. Milby” and “Mr. Milby” inscriptions. 

Fans eagerly anticipate their wedding as Gray and Milby embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

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