Richard Pryor fire accident

Richard Pryor Fire Accident Linked To Attempted Suicide: Why Did He Try Killing Himself?

Discover the details of Richard Pryor Fire accident and its impact on his life. Learn about the tragic incident and its aftermath.

In June 1980, the world-renowned comedian Richard Pryor shocked the public when he set himself on Fire at his Los Angeles home.

The incident left him with devastating burns that covered over 50 percent of his body.

Despite the brutal nature of the accident, Pryor’s remarkable resilience and unwavering spirit allowed him to transform this personal tragedy into groundbreaking comedy.

Known for his raw and honest humor, Pryor channeled his misfortune and used it as a catalyst for his artistry.

His ability to find lightness in the darkest moments made him a legendary figure in the comedy world.

Pryor’s Fire accident marked a pivotal moment in his life and became an indelible part of his legacy, showcasing his unique ability to turn personal pain into powerful laughter.

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Richard Pryor Fire Accident Linked To Attempted Suicide

The Fire accident that engulfed Richard Pryor in June 1980, while initially portrayed as a mishap during a freebasing episode, has been revealed to have more profound implications.

In the documentary “I Am Richard Pryor,” his widow Jennifer Lee Pryor asserts that the incident was a suicide attempt.

According to her account, Richard had confided in her about his decision, feeling trapped and desperate for a way out.

He warned her to leave for her safety before dousing himself in 151-proof rum and igniting it.

June 9, 1980: Richard Pryor set himself on Fire after freebasing cocaine. Luckily he survived the incident. (Image Source: People)

Despite efforts by his bodyguard and aunt to extinguish the flames, Richard believed they were trying to smother him and fled the House while ablaze.

Desperate and questioning his impact on others, he pleaded for another chance as he ran down the street.

Eventually, paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital, where he received treatment for severe burns covering over 50 percent of his body.

This tragic incident sheds light on the struggles and emotional turmoil Richard Pryor faced, revealing a deeper connection between the Fire accident and his battle with personal demons.

Why Did Richard Pryor Try Killing Himself?

Richard Pryor’s struggles with substance abuse took a devastating toll on his personal life, as detailed by his ex-wife Jennifer Lee Pryor.

In an interview, Jennifer recalls a terrifying incident where Richard, in the throes of a drug-induced psychosis, allegedly attempted to kill her.

Visiting him while he was high on drugs, she found herself in a dangerous situation, fearing for her life.

Jennifer attributes this lousy behavior to Richard’s drug-addled state and the distorted thinking it caused.

Jennifer Lee Pryor and Richard Pryor
Jennifer Lee Pryor and Richard Pryor (Image Source: People)

The addiction took hold quickly, eroding the discipline he once displayed for his work.

Jennifer shares her pain, noting that Richard prioritized his drug pipe over their relationship.

Despite their marriage in 1981 following Richard’s hospitalization, their honeymoon reportedly ended in turmoil when he supposedly struck her.

These distressing incidents shed light on the depths of Richard Pryor’s addiction struggles and their profound impact on his mental health and relationships.

Richard Pryor Illness and Death

Richard Pryor battled various health issues throughout his life.

In 1977, at 36, he experienced a mild heart attack, which he recovered from and resumed performing shortly after.

1986 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which progressively affected his health. Despite the challenges posed by the disease, Pryor continued to persevere in his career.

1990 he suffered a second heart attack in Australia and underwent triple heart bypass surgery in 1991.

Richard Pryor death
Richard Pryor Tragically passed on December 10, 2005, due to a heart attack. (Image Source: Twitter)

Pryor’s health further declined, and in late 2004, there were reports that he had lost his voice due to multiple sclerosis.

However, he refuted these claims, asserting that he still had good and bad days with his speech.

Tragically, on December 10, 2005, Pryor experienced a third heart attack in Los Angeles and could not be revived.

He passed away at 65, leaving a lasting legacy as a pioneering comedian.

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