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Calum von Moger Sister Anna von Moger Age Gap And Parents

Who Is Calum von Moger sister Anna von Moger? Calum and Anna have a unique and intimidating relationship as siblings. 

Calum, The 32-year-old Australian actor and bodybuilder Jose Von Moger, is well-known for playing the legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 movie “Bigger.”

Calum has won multiple awards for his bodybuilding skills and attractive figure outside his acting job.

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Calum von Moger Sister Anna von Moger

Calum von Moger’s sister, Anna von Moger, lives in Melbourne, Victoria, and is multifaceted and energetic. She embraces a variety of roles at the age of 25, effortlessly adjusting to any circumstance.

As a wholesale fashion representative, Anna demonstrates her industry knowledge while working as a freelance model and producing interesting social media content.

Connecting with others is Anna’s passion, and she loves meeting new individuals with similar interests, like style, travel, and meaningful experiences. 

Her varied background has allowed her to participate in photo shoots and immerse herself in self-care, hospitality, fashion, and jewelry.

Calum von Moger Sister
Calum von Moger with his Sister Anna von Moger (Source: Facebook)

Anna, who resides in Melbourne, actively pursues partnerships within Victoria and is willing to visit different areas around the state.

She approaches each job enthusiastically, which is reflected in her work. 

Additionally, Anna takes excellent satisfaction in her capacity to forge bonds with people from all walks of life, ending her with a relatable and personable demeanor.

Anna von Moger has a notable presence on Instagram, as it shows she interacts with her followers frequently. 

She has attracted 20.4K followers with her 426 posts, and she follows 852 profiles.

Anna continues to engage her devoted online following through her Instagram platform by sharing her adventures, passions, and lively personality.

Calum von Moger And Anna von Moger Age Gap

Calum von Moger, who is 32 years old, and his sister Anna, who is 25, are very close. Despite having a seven-year age difference, they have a close, mutually understanding relationship.

Calum and Anna had the chance to forge a unique friendship as they traveled through their respective adventures while growing up in a rather large family with five siblings. 

Being the older sibling, Calum probably takes on a protective and mentoring role, assisting and motivating Anna while she pursues her interests and goals.

Calum and Anna likely have a deep understanding of one another
Calum and Anna likely have a deep understanding of one another (Source: Instagram)

Their intimate bond is clear from Calum’s outward social media support for Anna.

He celebrates and recognizes her accomplishments, highlighting the strength of their relationship, whether by sending birthday wishes or taking pictures at family events.

Calum and Anna deeply understand one another thanks to similar memories, experiences, and upbringings.

Their age gap does not impede their relationship; it adds to the dynamic as they work together through life’s ups and downs.

Calum and Anna have maintained their sibling relationship through love, trust, and a shared past. 

Their relationship is an example of a solid and enduring connection that spans age and generates a strong understanding between them, whether celebrating each other’s accomplishments or offering support during trying times.

Calum Von Moger Parents

Calum Jose Von Moger was born in Victoria, Australia, on June 9, 1990, to parents Jose Von Moger and Ingrid Von Moger. 

Jose Von Moger is a well-known Australian actor and bodybuilder. Calum hails from a well-established family; his father is an Australian businessman. Ingrid, his mother, has been crucial to his upbringing and personality formation.

Calum was one of five siblings raised in a sizable family in Geelong, Australia. 

The Von Moger family has offered Calum a nurturing and supportive atmosphere throughout his journey, even though only three of his siblings.

Calum von Moger parents
Calum von Moger parents (Source: YouTube)

Jose Von Moger, Calum’s father, tragically experienced a life-changing tragedy in 2007 that paralyzed him. 

The Von Moger family persevered in the face of this adversity, strengthening their sense of cohesion and strength.

Calum was raised on a farm, where he learned the importance of hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

He has brought these principles into his career as an actor and bodybuilder.

His parents’ and siblings’ affection and support and Calum Von Moger’s upbringing have significantly impacted his life and career. 

Calum has become a well-known name in the bodybuilding and acting worlds thanks to their influence and his commitment and passion for these fields.

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