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Apio Quijano Brother Sister Family Ethnicity And Religion

Apio Quijano rose to prominence as the host of the Mexiquense TV show Quiero Lucir Famosa y De Buenas. Learn more about Apio Quijano brother and sister.

Apio’s band Kabah had a huge hit, and he has recently appeared on TV shows like Todos Quieren Fama and Este es mi estilo.

In addition to being a musician, author, and fashion guru, he is a well-known host and therapist who concentrates on alternative medicine and has skills in healing telepathy and hypnosis.

Kabah, the famous Mexican band, was formed in 1993 and named after the vast Mayan ruins of Yucatan.

They became a national sensation in January 1994 in the classic Mexican soap opera Aguejetas de Color.

The following summer, they won first place in a Valores Juveniles Acapulco festival competition.

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Apio Quijano Brother And Sister: Siblings Debunked

Apio Quijano doesn’t have a brother. He grew up alongside her sister, Federica Quijano. 

Federica Quijano is known for being a part of one of Mexico’s most emblematic 90s pop ensembles.

Currently, Kabah is a member of the Chamber of Deputies. Janine Patricia Quijano Tapia, the deputy who participated in the Electric Reform vote on Sunday, April 17, generated a stir.

Because many people were unaware that his name was not Federica, his name started trending on Twitter.

Apio Quijano Brother
Apio Quijano with his sister,Federica (Source- Infobae )

Federica is not the first member of her family to be recognized for using a name other than their legal name, as her brother Apio Quijano’s real name is Hector Andre Quijano Tapia.

Federica, one of his supporters and sources of motivation, has been there for him during difficult times.

Federica, who belongs to the LGBT community, left the platform after Kabah said her last goodbye to adopt Maria and Sebastian, two children with autism.

Apio Quijano Family

A well-known musician, author, fashion authority, and YouTuber is named Apio Quijano.

In addition, Apio also held positions as a host and therapist specializing in complementary medicine and has telepathic healing and hypnotic abilities.

One of the most popular topics on the internet right now is Apio Quijano. People are looking for information about his personal life and biography. Apio Quijano’s entry on Wikipedia has not yet been updated, though.

The author’s parents brought him up there. His parents’ names have never been revealed in the media.

However, his mother wed another man, and Apio’s parents split up when Apio was a young child.  

Due to his parents’ separation when he was young and his mother’s subsequent marriage when he was just ten years old, Apio had a difficult childhood.

He became a conductor and a pioneer in skin perception as a result. He, therefore, put forth a lot of effort to succeed and win the favor of others.

Apio Quijano Ethnicity And Religion

Hector Apio Quijano, who was born on April 15, 1992, is an Aries at the age of 31. The author, who is 31 years old, is also Mexican and mixed-race. He also practices Christianity as a religion.

He stands roughly 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.72 m) and weighs around 71 kg (156 lbs). The details of her educational history are unavailable.

In a recent performance on the 90’s Pop Tour, which has recently gained media attention, Apio and Erik Rubin shared a kiss.

Apio Quijano ( Source: EI Heraldo de Mexico)

He is a recognized expert in fashion and has a sizable fan base on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

He is pretty quiet about his dating history, unlike other famous people. Therefore, details about his partner weren’t known at the time.

Hector Quijano stepped back from the spotlight to focus on exploring his spiritual side and alternative medicine.

He has authored numerous books, including Dream that you have wings, Awake in Me, and 365 Ideas to alter your life.

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