Alex Kaloi Obituary

UH Alex Kaloi Obituary: Death At 67 Wife And Family Mourns The Loss

UH Alex Kaloi Obituary: The neighborhood was shocked and grieved when word of Alex Kaloi’s passing spread.

His enormous contribution as a dentist and former University of Hawaii quarterback becomes evident as we reflect on his life. 

We pay tribute to him through tears and heavy hearts, cherishing our times together and taking comfort in the enduring legacy of a unique being who significantly impacted many people’s lives.

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UH Alex Kaloi Obituary: Death At 67 

We mourn the passing of Dr. Alex Kaloi, a magnificent man who touched our lives with his ability, compassion, and unbreakable spirit. 

It is a terrible blow to our hearts. We say goodbye to this remarkable man, a devoted dentist and former quarterback for the University of Hawaii, who left this world too soon with sorrowful hearts.

He demonstrated his talent and devotion with each smile he created, making a lasting impression on everyone he met.

We lament the passing of a true legend today, whose influence went beyond the confines of sport and profession. 

Alex Kaloi Obituary
Alex Kaloi will be remembered for embodying the spirit of local athletes recruited by the University of Hawaii football program (Image Source: newsweek)

We shall always cherish Dr. Alex Kaloi’s memory because of his contagious grin, unfailing kindness, and extraordinary talent.

 Although his passing leaves a vacuum in our lives that will never be replaced, we can take comfort in the fact that his legacy endures thanks to the lives he impacted. 

Our sincere condolences are sent to his family, friends, and everyone mourning a magnificent person’s passing.

May his soul rest in peace, and may we always uphold his values of kindness and commitment in all that we do.

 Alex Kaloi Death Cause

We grieve the loss of Dr. Alex Kaloi, a beloved dentist and former University of Hawaii quarterback whose life was cut short by a heart attack. 

It is a tragedy that sends shockwaves through our hearts. We remember him for his steadfast dedication and significant accomplishments in dentistry and the world of athletics, and his passing leaves a vacuum that can never be filled.

Dr. Alex Kaloi has provided the Waianae community with unrivaled knowledge and compassion for more than 40 years through his successful dental practice. 

He not only provided outstanding care but also a feeling of comfort and reassurance, putting smiles on the faces of innumerable people.

The devastating loss of Dr. Alex Kaloi has cast a heavy shadow of grief upon his family
The devastating loss of Dr. Alex Kaloi has cast a heavy shadow of grief upon his family (Image Source: Khon2)

His dedication to his patients went beyond the walls of his office, lasting affecting everyone he came into contact with.

Before beginning his dental profession, Alex Kaloi established himself as a talented quarterback, winning The Honolulu Advertiser’s 1972 Back of the Year award while attending Leilehua High School.

He charmed spectators and motivated colleagues with his exceptional talent and leadership on the football field.

He shone as the quarterback for the Rainbow Warriors of the University of Hawaii, displaying his talent and tenacity. 

Both as an athlete and a dentist, Alex Kaloi left behind a legacy that will live on forever.

Dr. Alex Kaloi Family Mourns The Loss

After the tragic passing of Dr. Alex Kaloi, his family is inconsolable and laments the irreparable hole he has left in their hearts. 

They find comfort in the precious memories and unwavering love they share with their loving husband, father, and grandfather as they struggle through the depths of grief.

Dr. Kaloi was the family’s pillar of stability, offering unwavering support, steady direction, and unfailing love. 

His presence enlightened their lives and filled their house with joy, coziness, and community. He served as both a source of inspiration and a confidant who was always available to listen and provide wise counsel.

The family holds onto the memories that best capture the spirit of Dr. Alex Kaloi in the face of their intense grief, the joyous occasions, the shared laughs, and the intense love that united them. 

Even though it is painful to live without him, his legacy serves as a lighthouse, guiding them through the darkest times. 

They are strengthened by one another and the lovely tapestry of memories made over the years. Their love unites them for him.

Our hearts go out to Dr. Alex Kaloi’s family during this immeasurable sorrow, encircling them in a group hug of love and support. 

May they find comfort in the cherished memories and strength in the unwavering spirit of their cherished patriarch. 

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