Pete Duff Obituary

Windsor Pete Duff Obituary And Death Cause: Family Mourns The Loss

 Pete Duff Obituary: Windsor resident Pete Duff has died at the age of 79. His family are devastated by the news of his death.

Pete Duff, a native of Windsor, Ontario, unexpectedly passed away today, and we were devastated to hear the news.

He was the son of Eugene Duff and Ethel (Plummer) Duff, who had passed away before he was born. He was given the name of his late parents.

He was given the names of his parents because they both went away before he was born.

Peter played various instruments, including the bagpipes, and was a devoted Moncton District Pipe Band member.

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Windsor Pete Duff Obituary

Peter Duff, who had spent his whole life in Moncton and was 79 years old on Friday, January 14, 2022, did not experience any agony before to passing away at The Moncton Hospital.

His entire life had been spent in a city. He was the son of Eugene and Ethel (Plummer) Duff, who had both died before the time he was born.

Pete Duff Obituary
Pete Duff we send our condolence to Pete’s family (Source: Condolencemessages)

Though the precise reason for his death has not yet been established, given that he passed away in a hospital, it is possible that he was ill when he passed away.

He has one of the purest souls. To follow Peter’s wishes and uphold his ideals, it has been decided not to hold a visitation or a funeral service in his honor.

The address of Fergusons Funeral Home is 1657 Mountain Road in Moncton. It has been entrusted with the duty of making the required arrangements.

Pete Duff’s Death Cause

It is conceivable that he was sick at the time of his death, given that he died away in a hospital, even though the exact cause of his death has not yet been determined.

At the time of his passing, he was 79 years old. The neighborhood has been in grief since his departure as friends, family, and other loved ones lament the death of a cherished individual.

For those who loved him, his loss has left a void in their lives and served as a sad reminder of what life is all about.

Pete Duff Obituary
Pete Duff died at the age of 79 (Source: Holyart)

Pete had a talent for uniting people and a good heart. Because of his positive outlook, his family and friends were able to comfort and support him.

Everyone who knew Peter will miss him and feel his absence. Many people have conveyed their sympathies to his family during this time.

They remember him as a trustworthy source of encouragement, an example, and a kind man. Peter’s friends and family will always treasure his memory.

By replicating his qualities of compassion, generosity, and a genuine interest in others, they will pay tribute to his memory.

Many people whose lives he touched be inspired and uplifted by his memories. We express our deepest sympathies to his family and pray that his soul will find eternal rest in paradise.

Pete Duff Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss 

In addition to his daughters Elaine Duff, Wendy Sevany, and Lorianne Duff-Storey, Pete is also survived by his granddaughters Lara and Genevieve.

He was married for 56 years to Bonnie (Fraser) Duff. United States Air Force veteran Bonnie Duff is his wife.

Pete Duff Obituary
May Pete’s soul rest in peace in heaven (Source: Condolencemessages)

His wife, Bonnie (Fraser) Duff, served in the American Air Force prior to their weddings. His wife, Bonnie (Fraser) Duff, was previously married twice, but both unions broke up.

To Peter’s desires and demands, it has been determined that there won’t be any visiting hours or a funeral service.

His family loved him and was by his side as he passed away. His final request was fulfilled as he passed away with his loved ones.

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