Molly Gunn Husband

Who Is Tee Mango? Molly Gunn Husband, Family And Ethnicity

Molly Gunn Husband, Tom, aka Tee Mango, is a music producer and founder of Millionhands. The couple met when they were 22 and have three children together.

Molly Gunn is a successful Journalist and the founder of Selfish Mother, a website dedicated to empowering and supporting women. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, she has worked for publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and ES Magazine.

Molly is a mother of three children, Rafferty, Fox, and Liberty, and is married to Tom, also known as music producer Tee Mango and founder of Millionhands. They live in Bruton, Somerset.

Despite her busy schedule, Molly still finds time to write freelance for Red Magazine and The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella. She is a dedicated mother, businesswoman, and Journalist passionate about supporting and uplifting women.

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Molly Gunn Husband: Who Is Tee Mango?

Tee Mango is the alter ego of Tom Mangan, a record producer, and electronic music enthusiast. He is also the husband of Molly Gunn, founder of Selfish Mother. Tee Mango has been involved in the music industry for many years and has worked with various artists.

In addition to his music career, Tee Mango is a full-time Father to his children, Rafferty, Fox, and Liberty. He is also the founder of Millionhands, a clothing and lifestyle brand that sells high-quality, ethically-made products.

Molly Gunn Husband
Molly Gunn Husband, Tee Mangowho is a  record producer, and electronic music enthusiast( Image Source: Bandcamp )

Tee Mango’s music has been praised for its unique blend of soul, funk, and House music. He has released several albums and singles over the years, and his work has been featured in numerous publications and radio stations.

Despite his success in the music industry, Tee Mango remains grounded and dedicated to his family. He is a loving husband to Molly Gunn and a devoted Father to his children.

Molly Gunn Family and Ethnicity

There is not much information available about Molly Gunn’s family beyond her immediate family. She has not publicly shared the names or professions of her parents or any information about potential siblings.

Molly Gunn Husband
Molly Gunn’s Family, husband Tom, parents, and her three kids wearing FMLY Tshirt.  ( Image Source: Absolutely Mama )

As for her ethnicity, Molly’s background is not publicly known. However, based on her name and appearance, she may have English or British roots. It is also worth noting that she currently resides in Bruton, Somerset, which is located in England.

Overall, Molly Gunn has kept her personal life relatively private and has not shared much information about her family or background. While it is unclear what her ethnic background is, she has made a name for herself as a successful Journalist, entrepreneur, and mother.

Molly Gunn Writing Journey

Molly Gunn began her blogging journey in September 2013 when she launched

She created the blogzine to share her feelings about life and motherhood and invited around 10 writers/friends to write articles for the launch. Soon after, many people asked to register for the blog, so she tweaked the WordPress site to allow them to post articles themselves.

Molly Gunn Husband
Selfish Mother Founder Molly Gunn ( Image Source: HuffPost UK )

In July 2014, Molly created the MOTHER Tee to raise money for women in war-torn countries and supported Women for Women International with every sale. At the time, there wasn’t any other “mum merch” around, and the T-shirt gained much attention.

Molly sold the T-shirts on a page on and later created to sell her clothing line for men and kids. 

Molly’s writing journey evolved as she began sharing pictures of her life as a parent on Instagram in January 2015.  Her success on Instagram propelled her into fashion and motherhood merchandise, and she has become a well-known figure in that space.

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