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Who Is Magdalena Bellinger? NBA Obi Toppin Wife Or Girlfriend

Fans have been confused about whether Magdalena Bellinger is Obi Toppin Wife or girlfriend. Fans them and frequently comment on their post.

They have posted images of themselves with their families and children, but they haven’t posted any of their weddings publicly, which has caused uncertainty among their admirers on social media.

They frequently appear together on Magdalena’s Instagram, publicly declaring their love for one another.

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Who Is Magdalena Bellinger? Obi Toppin Wife Or Girlfriend?

Obi Toppin is dating his girlfriend, Magdalena Bellinge,r a skilled soccer player from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Toppin is not married, but he has been dating Bellinger for a while, and things appear to be going well for them.

Bellinger has a delicate appearance, and it’s clear from her Instagram photos that she is head over heels in love with the basketball player.

Her parents are Cheryl and Joe Bellinger. Although she was a great soccer player in high school, little is known about her family.

Obi Toppin Wife
Obi Toppin’s girlfriend, Mag Bellinger (Source: Instagram)

While Bellinger majored in integrative studies at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia, she was selected for the Go Mason soccer team due to her outstanding performance in both the classroom and on the soccer field.

Bellinger was eager to earn a BS degree with a concentration in pre-physician assistant studies since she wanted to work in the medical industry after graduation.

Before graduating in 2021, she dabbled in modeling in addition to her athletic and academic goals. Despite her many interests, her present employment situation has yet to be discovered.

Obi Toppin And Magdalena Bellinger Relationship Timeline

Obi Toppin Relationship Timeline is quite interesting. Obi Toppin was recognized as the A-10 Player of the Year in March 2020 as he made waves on the floor.

Around this time, Magdalena Bellinger, a former player for the women’s basketball team of the George Mason Nationalists, made their connection public on Instagram by posting a photo from that occasion.

Since then, Bellinger and Toppin have lived together inseparably; they are both currently located in New York.

In the 2020 NBA draft, the New York Knicks selected Toppin, who skipped his final two seasons of eligibility, and Bellinger has also called New York home ever since.

Obi Toppin with his children and girlfriend
Obi Toppin with his children and girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Bellinger shared a photo of herself and Toppin on the court in 2020, the day after the Dayton Flyers won the A10 Regular Season Championship, with the comment, “Number 1 doing big things.”

You deserve everything that comes your way so much! ‘I adore you and am so excited to see what’s another’ added to it.

The connection between the couple has garnered much attention from fans, who frequently express their appreciation and support for the couple. 

On Instagram, Bellinger routinely shares pictures of her kids and partner, demonstrating their loving and joyful family dynamic.

They form a cute couple and care about each other and their kids. This pair is adored by their audience, and it is obvious that they are valued for their commitment to one another and their family.

Obi Toppin And Magdalena Bellinger Age Gap

Even though  Obi Toppin, and Magdalena Bellinger appear to be a great match, their age difference has drawn viewers’ attention.

On September 16, 1998, Magdalena Bellinger, from Fredericksburg, Virginia, was born. Obadiah Richard Toppin Jr., sometimes known as Obi Toppin, was born in New York City on March 4, 1998. This indicates that the age difference between the two is only six months.

Despite having a little age difference, the couple appears to be getting along well and has been dating for some time.

Obi Toppin with his girlfriend Mag Bellinger
Obi Toppin with his girlfriend Mag Bellinger (Source: Instagram)

They have so much in common, including a love of sports, that their age gap doesn’t seem to be an issue in their relationship.

Obi Toppin is a great basketball player, but Magdalena Bellinger is a skilled soccer player. Both know the commitment and effort needed to excel in competitive sports.

Obi Toppin and Magdalena Bellinger’s age difference is not particularly large, and it has had no noticeable impact on their relationship.

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