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What Happened To Lisa Meadows WCCO? Illness And Health Update

Discover the latest updates and information on what happened to Lisa Meadows, the Emmy Award-winning meteorologist currently on medical leave.

Lisa Meadows is an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist known for her work at CBS in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

She anchors weather segments on WCCO Evening News on weekends, WCCO Noon News from Monday to Wednesday, and CBSN Minnesota from Saturday to Wednesday.

Additionally, she serves as a general assignment reporter during the early weekdays. Lisa’s passion for storms led her to chase with the CBS Mobile Weather Lab when she was not in the studio.

Notably, she covered the coldest wind chill in Minnesota during the January 2019 cold outbreak.

 Her experience spans CBS affiliates, reporting on droughts, severe storms, and historic wildfires. 

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What Happened To Lisa Meadows WCCO? Illness

Lisa Meadows, the Emmy Award-winning meteorologist for WCCO in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has recently been absent from her role at the station due to a medical issue.

In a Twitter post, Lisa addressed concerns from friends and the WCCO family, explaining that she is currently on medical leave and will be away for a few weeks.

The specific details of her illness or medical problem have not been disclosed publicly.

What Happened To Lisa Meadows
Lisa Meadows announced her medical leave through her Twitter. (Image Source: Twitter)

However, she expressed gratitude for the support she has received during this time.

Despite her absence from the station, Lisa has been actively updating weather news on her Twitter account, demonstrating her commitment to informing her audience.

The WCCO community and her followers continue to send well wishes and support as Lisa focuses on her recovery.

Lisa Meadows Health Update 2023

As of the latest health update in 2023, Lisa Meadows, the Emmy Award-winning meteorologist for WCCO in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been progressing in her health journey.

While specific details about her condition have not been disclosed publicly, there have been positive developments in her overall well-being.

Lisa’s dedicated focus on her recovery and the support from her friends, colleagues, and the WCCO community has played a crucial role in her healing process.

what happened to Lisa Meadows 1
Lisa Meadows in the set of WCCO Next News. (Image Source: Twitter)

During her absence from WCCO, Lisa has provided periodic health updates through her social media accounts, ensuring her followers stay informed about her progress.

Her commitment to keeping her audience engaged with weather news and updates on her health demonstrates her resilience and dedication to her profession.

The WCCO family and her supporters continue to send their best wishes and unwavering support as Lisa Meadows navigates her health journey, highlighting the strength of the community around her.

Where is Lisa Meadows Now?

Currently, Lisa Meadows, the Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, is on medical leave.

While her specific whereabouts during this period have not been disclosed publicly, it is known that she is taking the necessary time off to focus on her health and well-being.

During her absence, Lisa’s dedicated colleagues and the WCCO community covered her weather forecasting responsibilities.

what happened to Lisa Meadows 2
Meteorologist Lisa Meadows with her pet dog. (Image Source: Facebook)

Her absence is felt as a prominent figure in meteorology, but the priority remains on her recovery and returns to good health.

The support and understanding from her friends, viewers, and fans are greatly appreciated during this time.

The exact duration of her medical leave and her eventual return to her professional duties will depend on her progress and the guidance of her medical team.

Updates regarding Lisa Meadows’ current status and future plans will be provided through official channels as they become available.

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