What Happened To EDP445

What Happened To EDP445? Allegation And Accusation

What Happened To EDP445: EDP445 is a 32-year-old former social media star and YouTuber banned from YouTube after discovering he was a pedophile.

Through the popularity of his YouTube account EDP445, Moreland rose to stardom. In ten years, he had more than two million subscribers.

The focus of EDP445’s content was humor, his bold attitude, and his constant bragging about how much he loved the Philadelphia Eagles. The former YouTuber established himself and gained widespread recognition.

A former guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, he also appeared on Comedy Central in 2014. He received an invitation to Daniel Tosh’s Tosh.0 at that time.

But in April 2021, when the media celebrity was discovered to be in a compromising position, everything very much went wrong.

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What Happened To EDP445?

According to a press release from Press Reality, the media outlet MTO News has revealed that EDP445 was seen on camera seeking to meet a minor.

He was allegedly apprehended and charged by a group of child safety advocates known as Predator Poachers.

The media portal also discovered that the males behind Predator Poachers pose as teenage girls online.

What Happened To EDP445

YouTuber attempts to return to YouTube after being accused of pedophilia (Source: Sportskeeda)

According to reports, they organize a meeting with the males after uncomfortable talking with them. Similarly to that, EDP445 was photographed.

The 31-year-old reportedly planned to meet with a 13-year-old and acknowledged chatting with the child.

In reality, the 13-year-old was made up and used as a ruse by the Predator Poachers to demonstrate the YouTuber’s inappropriate behavior.

What Happened To EDP445? Allegation And Accusation

Bryant Moreland, also known as EDP445, was the subject of severe charges and accusations in 2020 over his relationships with young girls.

According to reports, EDP445 had been speaking with the girl and had planned to meet her only after some time had passed.

According to reports, cameras were placed to capture EDP445’s remarks after being caught on camera.

The entire event was streamed live. Internet users have accused EDP445 of talking inappropriately to young females for over a year.

What Happened To EDP445
Edp445 accused of being a pedophile (Source: Dexerto)

But in response, the YouTuber posted a video claiming that he was impersonating those accounts because he believed he was speaking to troll accounts. His fan base continued to support him by purchasing his book.

The social media star, whose image inspired numerous reaction memes, apparently used his verified Instagram account to send the kid his obscene photographs and texts.

As the charges spread, YouTube removed Moreland’s channel and other accounts.

Additionally, he was prohibited from using other social media platforms, and his dynamic pages were deleted. EDP445’s YouTube reputation has been tarnished since 2021, and for a good reason.

Law enforcement launched an investigation after the claims against EDP445, and the online community scrutinized and rebuked him.

 EDP445 Charges And Arrests

EDP445 was momentarily detained. However, the specifics of his arrest were kept from the general public. EDP445 was captured in June 2020, debating the cynicism of pedophilia and child discipline.

Later, the predator poacher gang, commanded by Alex Rosen, videotaped him attempting to interact with a minor.

No extensive investigations were ever conducted, especially given that this wasn’t EDP445’s first pedophilia complaint, even though nothing was explicitly convicting in the video.

After the public called for the Police to be fired for not acting swiftly enough, he was taken into custody even after the video went viral.

Additionally, the vlogger was restricted from using other websites, including Youtube and Reddit; the Californian Police were noticeably silent.

EDP445 was interrogated, but his case was never brought before a judge. After paying an undisclosed bond charge, the YouTuber was eventually allowed to leave.

EDP445 was reportedly not charged in connection with the event, though.

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