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Wes Gatchalian Wife Tiffany Princess C. Gatchalian Marriage Photos

Wes Gatchalian wife, Tiffany Princess C. Gatchalian, is a supportive partner in his political journey and personal life. However, little is known about her public life.

Weslie “Wes” Ting Gatchalian, born on August 11, 1980, is a prominent Filipino politician who has been the 27th mayor of Valenzuela since 2022.

Affiliated with the Nationalist People’s Coalition, Gatchalian embarked on his political career in 2013 when he was elected as the party-list representative of Alay Buhay Partylist, a position he served until 2016.

Subsequently, he successfully ran as the district representative for Valenzuela’s 1st district.

Notably, Wes Gatchalian is part of a distinguished political dynasty in the Philippines, with his brother Senator Win Gatchalian and Representative Rex Gatchalian already making significant contributions in the political arena.

Following in his brother’s footsteps, Wes Gatchalian assumed the role of mayor of Valenzuela in 2022, carrying forward his family’s legacy of public service.

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Wife Tiffany Princess C. Gatchalian Marriage Photos

Wes Gatchalian, the esteemed Filipino politician, is married to Tiffany Princess C. Gatchalian.

However, Wes maintains a private personal life and refrains from sharing details and photographs of his marriage with the public.

This discretion extends to his social media presence, as his Instagram account is private, limiting access to his posts and any potential glimpses into his married life.

Wes Gatchalian wife 1
Mayor Wes Gatchalian shares a sweet photo of him and his wife, Tiffany Gatchalian, sipping drinks in Thailand. (Image Source: Facebook)

Despite the curiosity of fans and followers, Wes Gatchalian has not revealed any marriage photos or provided public insights into his relationship with Tiffany Princess C. Gatchalian.

His focus remains primarily on his political career and serving the people of Valenzuela.

Respecting his desire for privacy, admirers of Wes Gatchalian’s work as a politician will need to appreciate his dedication to public service without the privilege of glimpsing into his personal life.

Wes Gatchalian Parents and Family

Wes Gatchalian, born on August 11, 1980, comes from a family with a unique background. His parents are industrialists William Gatchalian and Dee Hua Ting.

Wes is the youngest of four siblings, with his older brothers named Sherwin, Kenneth, and Rexlon.

The Gatchalian family shares the Christian faith, and Dee Hua Ting is not only a devoted Christian but also serves as a pastor and chairman at their church, Jesus Our Life Ministries, located in Barangay Maysan, Valenzuela.

Wes Gatchalian paretns
Wes Gatchalian posted this photo of his mother wishing her a happy birthday. (Image Source: Facebook)

Their commitment to their faith is integral to their lives and values.

Wes Gatchalian’s professional career has included significant roles in various industries. 

With a supportive and accomplished family background, Wes Gatchalian has been able to draw on their values and experiences as he pursues his successful career in politics and public service.

Wes Gatchalian Net Worth

The specific net worth of Wes Gatchalian has not been available. However, it is essential to note that he held Executive positions in various private firms before his political career.

Wes Gatchalian has been involved in notable companies such as Waterfront Philippines, where he served as Vice Chairman (1999-2001), focusing on hospitality, tourism, and recreational businesses.

He also held the position of Vice Chairman (1998-1999) at Air Philippines Corporation, an airline Company operating domestic and international flights.

Mayor WES Gatchalian celebrates his birthday through bloodletting activity. (Image source: Journal Online)

Furthermore, Wes contributed to The Wellex Group, a diversified investment firm in the Philippines with interests in hotels, real estate development, aviation, trading, and banking, serving as Executive Vice President (1997-2001).

While the specific details of his net worth are unavailable, Wes Gatchalian’s involvement in these reputable firms indicates a successful career with financial achievements.

His income sources likely derive from his Executive roles and business engagements within these industries.

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