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Utah Kouri Richins Arrest Charges And Mugshot Accused Of Poisoning Her husband

Kouri Richins has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband at their residence with a deadly quantity of fentanyl. Learn more about Utah Kouri Richins Arrest Charges.

Kouri Richins, a mother of three from Utah, has been accused of killing her husband.
She advertised her children’s book on loss on local media a month before her arrest.

After her husband “unexpectedly” passed away, Kouri claimed she composed the narrative to aid her children in grieving.

In a video of that event, she refers to her husband’s passing as a “shock” and talks wistfully about helping their three sons cope with their loss.

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Utah Mom Kouri Richins Arrest Charges

Kouri Richins has been arrested on suspicion of killing her husband at their House with fatal doses of fentanyl.

Kouri Richins, 33, was arrested on Monday and is accused of killing her husband with lethal amounts of fentanyl at their Kamas, Utah, home. Close to Park City is the little alpine town of Kamas.

Kouri Richins Arrest
Kouri Richins has been arrested. (Source- ABC Utah )

Months after Richins self-published the picture book “Are You with Me?” in which a little child wonders whether his Father will continue to be in his life after his death, the murder claims surfaced.

Richins is accused of murder and allegedly possessing GHB, a psychoactive medication often used in social settings, including dance clubs.

The accusations are supported by Richins’ encounters with Police that evening and the testimony of an “unnamed acquaintance” who says they bought the fentanyl from Richins.

The friend claimed to have sold Richins fentanyl twice, in February and March 2022, and the narcotic hydrocodone once.

Utah Mom Kouri Richins Mugshot 

Kouri Richins, 33, was detained on Monday and is charged with poisoning her husband at their Kamas, Utah, home with a deadly quantity of fentanyl. Kamas is a small mountain town close to Park City.

She admitted to the Police that she had brewed her husband a cocktail to commemorate him selling a House.

She then walked to the adjacent bedroom to put one of their kids to sleep. She later dialed 911 when she saw her husband was not breathing.

Later, a medical examiner discovered that he had five times the fatal amount of fentanyl in his system.

Richins informed local reporters that after her husband unexpectedly passed away last year, leaving her widowed and responsible for parenting three boys, she decided to write, “Are you with me?”

She claimed she made her own after finding a few resources when looking for books about grieving loved ones for kids. She intended to write follow-ups.

Utah Kouri Richins Accused Of Poisoning Her Husband

A Utah lady has been accused of murdering her husband, the Father of her three children, after writing a children’s book about losing a parent.

Authorities claim that Kouri Richins, 33, of Kamas, Utah, a city west of Salt Lake City, poisoned her husband, Eric Richins, with a fatal amount of fentanyl placed into a drink.

When Eric passed away on March 4, 2022, his body contained five times the amount of fentanyl needed to be fatal, according to investigators.

On Monday, Kouri was taken into custody at her residence on suspicion of murder and possession with the intent to distribute a prohibited narcotic. If found guilty of murder, she can be sentenced to life in prison or perhaps death.

Kouri Richins and her husband
Kouri Richins and her husband (Source- BBC )

According to court documents, Eric had admitted to his friends and family that he thought his wife was trying to poison him before he passed away.

Before this supper, Kouri allegedly spent $900 on fentanyl pills and would pay an additional $900 on drugs just before Eric died.

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