Gaston Bolanos Wife

UFC: Who Is Natalia Labarthe Osores? Gaston Bolanos Wife, Relationship Timeline & Age Gap

The Mixed martial artist Gaston has created confusion among his fans. Discover Gaston Bolanos Wife and their history together in this article.

Gaston Bolanos is a professional Muay Thai fighter, kickboxer, and mixed martial artist. 

Popularly nicknamed ‘The Dreamkiller,’ Bolanos is an electrifying MMA fighter renowned for his dazzling moves and dynamic fighting style.

With lightning-fast strikes and agile footwork, he captivates audiences every time he steps into the octagon.

His showmanship and confident demeanor have earned him a massive following of devoted fans eagerly anticipating his every fight. 

Not only his fights but the fans are also eager to know about Gaston’s personal life. This article with cover Gaston Bolanos Wife and their relationship’s background.

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Gaston Bolanos Wife: Who Is Natalia Labarthe Osores? 

According to his social media and the internet, he has not been seen with any female figure or addressed anything regarding his love life.

Natalia Labarthe Osores is his best friend who recently married Gaston’s other MMA fellow best friend, Iane Scuza.

The couple got married in attendance of Bolanos in Las Olas.

Gaston Bolanos
Gaston (left) appreciated and congratulated his friends, Iane and Natalia, on their wedding. (Source: Instagram)

Bolanos shared a lovely picture of him congratulating the couple on his Instagram. In the picture, he is seen raising a toast for the couple.

Many fans were confused into thinking that Iane and Bolanos were the same people and that Bolanos was married to Natalia.

So as you know, Ian Escuza and Gaston Bolanos are different people. Ian Escuza is a Peruvian world-class martial artist best known for being a world champion in Thai boxing.

He has a professional MMA record of 1-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). Gaston Bolanos is also a Peruvian martial artist and a professional MMA fighter with a record of 6-3-0 (Win-Loss-Draw).

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Gaston Bolanos Relationship Timeline

Gaston Bolanos is not linked with any woman in his life, not that the internet is aware of.  Apart from that, the athlete is single.

The 25-year-old seems to focus on his career rather than something romantic.

He recently won the Award for the U.S. Muay Thai.
Champion. Gaston is also the South American Muay Thai Champion twice and has already represented the USA twice at the IFMA World Championships.

Gaston Bolanos
Gaston is seen covering himself with Peru’s flag to show love for his birthplace. (Source: Instagram)

Born in Lima, Peru, he has not marked himself as the most prolific fighter in the MMA. He attended Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California.

As a public figure, Melo’s personal life is often of interest to fans and media alike. Still, it is important to respect his privacy and not make assumptions about his from September 14onships.

Age Gap Between Gaston Bolanos And Labarthe Osores

Gaston was born on February 18ber 14, 1992, in Peru. He has been into kickboxing since his early days.

However, on 18 February 2017, Gaston debuted against Abner Perez. Undoubtedly, he won the match in round one.

The fighter lives in California with his two dogs, Oso and Leo. 

Gaston considers his pets as his children. (Source: Instagram)

Gaston’s ability to execute complex maneuvers with precision and grace has made him a true standout in the MMA world, and his star continues to rise with each stunning victory.

The MMA star seems to work hard to keep his personal life private regarding his family and love life, as there are no photos of them on his social media.

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