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UFC Who is Henry Cejudo Sister Gloria Cejudo? Age Gap And Parents

Henry Cejudo sister Gloria Cejudo is battling stage four cancer. Let’s learn more about their age gap and parents in the article!

Henry Cejudo is a retired American mixed martial artist and former Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, who was born on February 9, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cejudo started wrestling when he was 7 and became a two-time Arizona state champion in high school.

He later enrolled in Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, where he won the junior national freestyle wrestling championship and the state wrestling title.

He later participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, and became the nation’s youngest wrestler to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the 55 kg freestyle division.

After his Olympic success, Cejudo turned to mixed martial arts (MMA) and debuted professionally in March 2013.

He joined the UFC in December 2014 and advanced fast, capturing the UFC Flyweight and UFC Bantamweight titles in August 2018 and June 2019, respectively.

Cejudo announced his retirement from MMA after successfully defending his bantamweight championship in May 2020.

He is one of the best combat sports athletes of all time, renowned for his aggressive approach and solid wrestling background. 

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Who is Henry Cejudo Sister Gloria Cejudo ?

Henry Cejudo was born into a family with seven children. One of Henry’s sisters is Gloria Cejudo, who always supported her brother, attending his wrestling matches.

Unfortunately, there is no information available about her personal life other than that she is battling stage four cancer. 

Henry Cejudo and his sister Gloria Cejudo share a close and loving relationship, which has been well-documented. Henry frequently posts photos and messages about his sister on social media.

Henry Cejudo
Henry Cejudo post on instagram for prayers for her sister battling stage four cancer. (Source: instagram)

On his instagram, Henry has asked for prayers for her, and many fans and celebrities have responded with their goodwill and support.

Despite her health struggles, Gloria Cejudo remains an important part of her family and an inspiration to her brother and many others.

We here at ModelFact also extend our prayers for Gloria Cejudo and hope for her speedy recovery.

Henry Cejudo and Gloria Cejudo Age Gap

The exact age gap between Henry Cejudo and Gloria Cejudo is not publicly known. However, personal information, such as their exact ages and the age gaps between them, may not be publicly disclosed.

What is known is that Henry Cejudo has five siblings, including his sister Gloria Cejudo.

He is the youngest of six siblings in the family, suggesting a significant age gap between him and his older siblings.

Henry Cejudo
Henry Cejudo is the youngest among his siblings. (Source: Players Bio)

Other than the fact that Gloria Cejudo is fighting against stage four cancer, there is no access to any other information related to their personal lives.

It is important to respect the privacy of individuals and their families and avoid making assumptions about personal details without their explicit consent or public disclosure.

While it is natural to be curious about public figures, it is also important to recognize personal information’s boundaries and refrain from speculating on details that have not been publicly disclosed.

Henry Cejudo Parents

Henry Cejudo was born and raised by his parents, Jorge Cejudo and Nelly Rico, with his five siblings. Jorge Cejudo was originally from Mexico and worked as a farmer, while Nelly Rico is of Mexican descent and worked as a homemaker. 

Henry has spoken publicly about his parents and their impact on his life, mentioning that they instilled in him a strong sense of work ethic and commitment to his family.

Henry Cejudo
Henry Cejudo with his small family. (Source: Players Bio )

Cejudo experienced considerable hardship and problems as a child because he was raised in a low-income family. His parents put in a lot of effort to support their family, and their unwavering efforts motivated him to follow his goal of being an athlete.

In particular, he has credited his father’s dedication to his farm work, often working up to 16 hours a day, as a source of motivation for his work ethic.

Despite their challenging situation, Cejudo’s parents prioritized education and encouraged their children to pursue their dreams.

This support and encouragement greatly aided his career as a two-division UFC champion and Olympic gold winner.

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