Tito Berni Pareja

Tito Berni Pareja: Who Is He Married To? Hijos And Relationship Timeline

Have you ever stumbled upon the name of Tito Berni Pareja and wondered who he’s married to? Well, you’re not alone! Tito Berni is a name that has been buzzing around recently, and many people are curious about his personal life. From his professional accomplishments to his romantic relationships, there’s much to discover about this intriguing figure.

Tito Berni, born Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, is a Spanish whoremonger and former politician who was a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party until his expulsion.

He served as a deputy in the VIII and XIV legislatures before his involvement in the media corruption plot of the Mediator Case led to his dismissal as deputy and expulsion from the party on February 14, 2023.

Berni was born in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, in 1962 and studied Professional Training in the Administrative branch and a master’s degree in Tax Consulting and Tax Law.

This dynamic leader worked as a tax consultant and was a founding partner of AsesorĂ­a Tetir SL.

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Tito Berni Pareja: Is He Married?

Based on the given information, it is impossible to determine the relationship status of Tito Berni.

There is no mention of his marital status, which is irrelevant to the case of political corruption he was implicated in.

The allegations against Berni are serious, leading to his resignation as a deputy and expulsion from the party.

Tito Berni Pareja
Tito Berni addresses the media regarding his case. (Source: RTVC)

He has been accused of bribery, document falsification, money laundering, influence peddling, and belonging to an organized criminal group.

The case, known as the Mediator Case, involves Berni and other deputies frequenting brothels paid for by businessmen to whom he allegedly facilitated favors.

It is essential to note that Berni has not been convicted of any wrongdoing, and the allegations against him remain allegations until proven in a court of law. Therefore, it is crucial to reserve judgment and wait for the case’s outcome.

Meet The Hijos Of Tito

There is no information available regarding Tito Berni’s children.

The only information available is about the ongoing ‘Mediator case’ in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in which former PSOE deputy in Congress Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo was released on charges of bribery, falsehood, money laundering, influence peddling, and belonging to an organized criminal group.

The case involves allegations of extortion of businessmen in the livestock and food sectors in exchange for receiving favorable treatment in inspections or the process of European aid.

Tito Berni Pareja
Former PSOE deputy, Juan Bernardo Fuentes. (Source: EL Diario)

Of the 13 individuals arrested in connection with the case, only retired general of the Civil Guard Francisco Javier Espinosa has been imprisoned.

The prosecutor’s office has not requested prison for Fuentes Curbelo, as they do not believe he poses a flight risk or that there is a danger of evidence being destroyed.

However, no information has been provided about the personal lives or family members of any individuals involved in the case.

Relationship Timeline Of Tito Berni

Tito Berni is a mysterious figure regarding his relationships and personal life. While there is no concrete evidence or information about his partner, wife, or kids, we can confirm a few details.

Tito is believed to have married a woman in the late 1960s; it is unclear who she was or how long their marriage lasted due to the lack of information about her.

Tito Berni Pareja
Tito takes a smiling selfie with Sanchez. (Source: Libertad Digital)

In the mid-80s, Berni is believed to have had a romantic relationship with an unnamed woman, but the details remain unknown. Since then, there has been a lack of information about further relationships or marriages.

Due to the lack of information, it is difficult to construct a timeline of Tito Berni’s romantic relationships and personal life. We can only guess at the details and hope he someday decides to come forward and tell us more about his love life.

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