Tiego Moseneke Car Accident

Tiego Moseneke Car Accident Linked To Death Cause, Family Mourns The Loss

Tiego Moseneke Car Accident: traffic collision claims the life of Dikgang Moseneke’s famous brother. People have been greatly shocked by this news.

The passing of attorney, businessman, and erstwhile student activist Tiego Moseneke has shocked the business and legal communities.

He was the founder and primary stakeholder of Encha Group and the brother of the former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke.

Tiego established the respected Ernst & Young Mergers and Acquisitions tables, which ranked Moseneke & Partners, a law firm, sixth in 1997 and 1998.

He had positions on the Wildlife Society and the University of Witwatersrand boards.

Before that, he established New Diamond Corporation, a mining and exploration Company for diamonds that collaborated with De Beers.

Encha Group’s founder and current chairman is Tiego Moseneke. Investment firm Encha Group is strategy- and research-driven. His age and birthdate have not yet been made public.

He also co-authored the privatization report by Moseneke. His marital status has not yet been made public.

His family is receiving condolence messages from online users. We ought to ask God to give his family courage.

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Tiego Moseneke Car Accident Linked To Death Cause

The Moseneke family stated briefly that Tiego had passed away despite the unclear circumstances and location.

The family of Tiego Moseneke said, “It is with deep sorrow that we confirm the passing of our beloved son, brother, and loving Father Tiego Moseneke.”

Tiego Moseneke Car Accident
Image of Tiego Moseneke (Source: Mayortunes)

Also expressing their “deepest gratitude for all the messages of support and condolences they have received during this difficult time,” the Moseneke family said.

The family also stated that additional information about the funeral plans would be released in due course.

Right now, his family is utterly depressed. His passing came as a great shock. In the wee hours, Thursday, April 20, 2023, I saw a tragic car collision.

This incident occurred early on Monday morning. Pretoria is where this incident took place.

Tiego Moseneke Family Mourns The Loss

Family spokeswoman Gontse Moseneke said on Thursday, “We announce the passing of our beloved Mr. Tiego Moseneke with great sadness.”

“On his way home last night, Ntate Moseneke was involved in a car accident.

We ask the public to respect our need for space and solitude as we absorb this sad situation because our entire family is still in total shock.

His family is receiving condolence messages from online users. We ought to ask God to give his family courage. His soul is at peace.

The car accident’s specifics have not yet been made public.

The African National Congress (ANC) expressed its “saddened and devastated” response to the devastating news of “Comrade Tiego Moseneke’s passing.”

Tiego Moseneke Car Accident: Condolences

The ANC declared: “Death has deprived South Africans of a dedicated and fearless activist who gave his entire life for his people’s independence.

Comrade Tiego has earned the unending gratitude of the people of South Africa for his selfless devotion to the country.

Comrade Tiego also significantly contributed to the Strategic Dialogue Group’s initiatives and played a crucial role in its founding.

He served the people of South Africa honorably and remained a devoted member of the ANC until his Death.

Tiego Moseneke Car Accident
People mourns the passing of Tiego Moseneke (Source; Centralnews.co.za)

The ANC declared, “All freedom-loving South Africans will sorely miss this dedicated, astute, articulate servant of our revolution.”

When Wits had two distinct student representative councils during Tiego’s student leadership era, the BSS served as a mechanism to represent black students there.

In the eyes of the institution, Tiego was a born Leader who played a crucial part at the forefront of the struggle during a turbulent time in the nation’s history.

“Tiego was proud of Wits’ status as a symbol of the bold action of the Wits community during an era when it served as a marker for what might be achievable in a more equitable and progressive society.

They also expressed their sincere sympathies to his family.

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