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Who Is Julia Gorges? Tennis Wesley Koolhof Wife Or Girlfriend

After details on Wesley Koolhof & Julia began trending over the Internet, people have grown eager to explore more about Wesley Koolhof wife or girlfriend rumors.

Wesley Koolhof is a Dutch professional tennis player who has won 10 doubles titles on the ATP Tour since his debut.

Koolhof’s highest ranking in doubles is world No. 4, achieved in August 2020 & the athlete has succeeded in Grand Slam tournaments,

And Wesley Koolhof wife, Julia Gorges, is a retired tennis legend from Germany who led female tennis for years.

Gorges was known for her powerful groundstrokes and aggressive playing style. She had a successful career on the WTA Tour but struggled with injuries toward the end of her career.

And recently, people have grown interested in exploring details about tennis superstar Wesley Koolhof wife, Julia & their relationship timeline.

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Who Is Julia Gorges – Wesley Koolhof Wife Or Girlfriend?

According to a report published by ABTC.com, tennis superstar Julia Gorges is not the wife of the Dutch tennis player Wesley Koolhof. Instead, she is the girlfriend of the young man.

The debate on Wesley Koolhof wife concluded after several leading media houses validated the information trending over the public domain.

Wesley’s girlfriend, Julia Gorges, is a former professional tennis player from Germany, born on November 2, 1988.

The lady was ranked as high as No.9 in the world in singles on August 20, 2018, and was ranked inside the top 15 in doubles, peaking at World No. 12 on August 22, 2016.

Wesley Koolhof wife
Julia Gorges. (Source: Tennis)

During her career, she won seven singles and five doubles titles on the WTA Tour and six singles and six doubles titles on the ITF Circuit. Görges retired from professional tennis in 2020.

Unfortunately, not much information is available about Görges’ personal life & her family background.

Still, it has been confirmed that she is in a romantic relationship with Wesley Koolhof, a Dutch professional tennis player.

The couple was seen enjoying the Christmas festivities together and shared pictures of their holiday celebration on social media.

Wesley Koolhof & Julia Gorges Relationship Timeline

A retired professional tennis player, Julia Gorges, is dating Dutch ATP doubles specialist Wesley Koolhof.

The couple occasionally shares pictures on social media, indicating that they are in a happy relationship. However, the exact timeline of their relationship has yet to be discovered.

As per analytics, the couple started dating in 2022, but any good sources still need to publish the details about their dating history & relationship timeline.

However, the couple is doing good in their relationship & is expected to go a long way together.

Reports by Whodatedwho show that Julia Gorges had a long-term relationship with Florian Zitzelsberger.

While Julia Goerges’ love for her boyfriend receives the most attention, her relationship also does.

The German star & Florian’s relationship caught the headlines after they were photographed kissing at a Kevin Anderson match.

Wesley Koolhof wife
Julia And Wesley. (Source: Women’s Tennis Blog)

While their love lasted a long time, their final split occurred in 2019, according to Tennis World USA, when the two decided to separate ways for good.

Zitzelsberger was her physiotherapist, and their professional relationship ended with their divorce.

Julia has since moved on with Wesley and is enjoying the best times in her love life with her retirement.

Meanwhile, Florian, the Bavarian physiotherapist, is thriving in his work away from Julia & is expected to be single.

Unfortunately, only limited information is available about Wesley’s relationship & dating history. Still, the investigation is ongoing & stay tuned to see details.

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Age Gap Between Wesley Koolhof And Julia Gorges

According to the details available on the Internet, Wesley Koolhof is expected to be around 34. On the other hand, Wesley Koolhof wife, Julia Gorges, is around 35.

And based on the information, there is not much of an age difference between Wesley Koolhof and his wife, Julia Gorges.

Wesley was born on April 17, 1989, around 34 years old, while Julia was born on November 2, 1988, making her around 35 years old.

Wesley Koolhof wife
Wesley Koolhof And Julia Goerges. (Sources Tennis Forum & Twitter)

Therefore, their age difference is only a matter of months, and they are practically the same age.

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