Tanice Amira Simmons

Tanice Simmons Parents: Where Are They From? Origin Husband And Kids

Tanice Simmons has been married to Jojo Simmons since 2019, and she is best known as the wife of  the reality star and entertainment manager Jojo Simmons. Learn more about Tanice Simmons here!

Tanice Simmons, also known as Tanice Amira, is a well-known personality from reality television with a significant fan following.

Her claim to fame comes from being married to Jojo Simmons, the son of Reverend Run from Run DMC.

As a result, she is now the daughter-in-law of the famous musician and reality TV star.

Despite her name change, Tanice Simmons has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and is a recognizable figure.

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Meet Tanice Simmons Parents: Where Are They From?

Tanice Simmons is a successful makeup artist known for her impressive work with celebrity clients.

Her father, Kory ‘CEO Buck’ Jackson, is a prominent figure in the music industry, having served as the CEO of Selfish Music Group and an affiliate of YMCMB Rich Gang, a record label known for producing top-tier artists such as Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug.

While little information about Tanice’s parents is available, they are believed to be loving and supportive of her.

Tanice Simmons Parents
Tanice Simmons Father, Kory ‘Ceo Buck’ Jackson.(Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, the identity of Tanice’s mother and the whereabouts of her parents’ origin are unknown.

Despite this, it is clear that Tanice has established herself as a respected professional in her field, showcasing her talent and hard work through her impressive makeup artistry.

Regardless of the lack of information available about her parents, it is evident that Tanice has been able to make a name for herself in the beauty industry, carving out a successful career for herself through her impressive makeup skills and her dedication to her craft.

Tanice Simmons Origin 

Tanice Simmons, a professional makeup artist, was born in the United States on September 12, 1991. However, no information is available about her specific origin, such as her city or state of birth or her family’s background.

Similarly, nothing is known about Tanice’s ethnicity, as she has not publicly disclosed this information.

It is important to note, however, that ethnicity and national origin are two separate concepts, with ethnicity being related to a person’s cultural heritage and identity.

Tanice Amira Simmons and Jojo Simmons
Tanice Amira Simmons and Jojo Simmons with their son. (Source: Instagram

In contrast, national origin refers to the country in which a person or their ancestors were born.

Without information about Tanice’s specific origin and ethnicity, focusing on her impressive talent and accomplishments as a professional makeup artist is essential.

She has gained a reputation in the industry for her expertise and creativity, working with high-profile clients and establishing herself as a rising star in the beauty world.

Tanice’s talent and dedication to her craft are truly impressive, regardless of her background.

Meet Tanice Simmons Husband And Kids

Tanice Amira Simmons is married to Jojo Simmons, who proposed to her during an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop in 2018.

The couple had been dating for eight years before getting engaged at a Simmons family gathering in Manhattan.

Tanice shared the happy news on her Instagram, expressing her excitement to marry Jojo and start a new chapter in their lives.

In February 2016, Jojo and Tanice welcomed their first child, Mia Kaylee Simmons, into the world.

Tanice Amira Simmons and Jojo Simmons's kids
Tanice Amira Simmons and Jojo Simmons’s kids.(Source: Instagram

The couple was overjoyed and expressed their love for their new daughter on social media.

Jojo has credited becoming a father with helping him mature and overcome his past struggles.

In August 2021, Jojo and Tanice welcomed their second child into the world, with Jojo sharing the happy news on his Instagram.

While no details have been released about the baby, it is clear that the couple is excited to be expanding their family and starting a new chapter together.

Overall, it is clear that Jojo and Tanice share a deep love and commitment to each other and their children and are excited to be building a happy and fulfilling life together as a family.

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