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Tana Mongeau Boyfriend: Is She In A Relationship? Dating History

Tana Mongeau boyfriend is a popular topic among her fans and followers, with many curious about the identity and status of her current partner. She has dated some high-profile celebrities. 

Tana Mongeau is an internet celebrity, musician and vlogger known for her outrageous personality and sense of style.

She is best known for her YouTube channel, which has over 5 million subscribers and over a billion views.

Mongeau has released several songs and appeared in several films and television series.

She is also known for her online relationship with internet personality and musician Jake Paul, which began in April 2019.

 Mongeau is adored for her openness and willingness to share her experiences and struggles with her viewers, inspiring them to be their versions of themselves.

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Meet Tana Mongeau Boyfriend: Is She In A Relationship? 

As of 2023, Tana Mongeau is not in a relationship. In March 2019, Mongeau and internet personality and musician Jake Paul announced their engagement after dating for over a month.

However, the couple later broke off their engagement in January 2020. Since then, Mongeau has not been in any sort of relationship.

Mongeau has said that she is focusing on her career and herself. She has mentioned that she enjoys being alone and getting to know herself better.

She also said that she’s been working on her music and has been busy filming for her YouTube channel.

Though Mongeau has been single since 2020, she has been linked romantically to other celebrities like rapper Mod Sun and actor Tayshia Adams.

Tana Mongeau Boyfriend ?
Tana Mongeau with her Friend.(Source: Instagram

However, these rumors were never confirmed, and Mongeau has since remained single.

Despite being single, this stunning internet celebrity has said she is open to a relationship in the future.

She has said that she’s not against meeting someone and having a relationship but that it’s not a priority for her right now.

Overall, Mongeau is happy and focused on self-care and her career.

She has mentioned that while a relationship isn’t her main focus, she’s open to meeting someone if the right person comes along.

Tana Mongeau Dating History

Tana Mongeau has had a colorful dating history, often subject to media scrutiny and fan speculation.

She has been open about her bisexuality and has dated men and women over the years.

In 2017, Tana began dating fellow YouTuber Somer Hollingsworth, but the relationship was short-lived, and they broke up later that year.

She then had a high-profile relationship with actress Bella Thorne in 2017, lasting several months.

Tana’s most publicized relationship to date was her marriage to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul in 2019.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul.(Source: Facebook

However, the relationship was widely regarded as a publicity stunt, and the couple announced their split in early 2020.

Since then, Tana has been linked to several people, including fellow YouTubers Mod Sun and Brad Sousa.

She has also been spotted with rapper Lil Nas X and has sparked rumors of a romantic relationship with him.

Overall, Tana Mongeau’s dating history has been eventful and often controversial, but she continues to be open about her relationships and sexuality with her fans and followers.

Exciting Facts About Tana Mongeau 

  • Tana Mongeau was expelled from her high school for bringing alcohol to school and posting a video about it on social media.
  • Tana has been open about her struggles with mental health and has shared her experiences with anxiety and depression on her YouTube channel.
  • In 2019, Tana co-hosted the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show alongside Terrence J.
  • Tana has released several singles, including “Hefner,” which features Bella Thorne in the music video.
  • Tana has faced controversy over her content, including accusations of racism and cultural appropriation. She has been criticized for public stunts, such as claiming to have been at the center of the TanaCon disaster.

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