Tamika Mallory Parents

Tamika Mallory Parents: Who Are Stanley Mallory And Voncile Mallory? Ethnicity And Family

Tamika Mallory parents involvement in NAN influenced her interests in social justice and civil rights, shaping her own activism and career path. 

Tamika Danielle Mallory is an American activist known for advocating for social work. She was born on 4th September 1980 in her hometown Harlem, New York City.

She was raised in Manhattan before relocating to the Bronx along with her parents.

Her parents were prominent members of Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN), the top civil rights group in the country, and they were activists too.

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Tamika Mallory Parents: Who Are Stanley Mallory And Voncile Mallory?

The parents of Tamika Mallory are Voncile and Stanley Mallory. Her parents were active members of the National Action Network (NAN), a notable civil rights group under the direction of Reverend Al Sharpton.

They were among NAN’s first founding members and put forth a lot of effort to build it into the country’s biggest civil rights movement.

Tamika was born and raised in Harlem, notably in the Manhattanville Houses.

At the age of 14, she relocated to Co-op City in the Bronx. Her parents instilled in her a love of activism, social justice, and civil rights from an early age.

Tamika started working with NAN at age 15, and in 2009 she was promoted to executive director.

Tamika Mallory Parents
Tamika Mallory’s picture with her family. (Source: Facebook)

Tamika’s activism career in the cause of justice and equality was greatly supported by the efforts and commitment of her parents.

She followed in their footsteps, emerging as a well-known activist and supporter of several issues, such as feminism, the Black Lives Matter movement, and gun control.

She carries on her parent’s heritage by working to bring about societal change.

In 2021, Mallory published her first book, “State of Emergency,” It reflects her activism and advocacy on behalf of the protection of Black people.

She keeps up her advocacy for fair justice and speaks out against societal injustices.

Tamika Mallory Ethnicity and Religion

Tamika Mallory considers herself to be Black and of the African-American ethnic group.

When referring to people of African heritage, the word “Black” is used to indicate a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and histories.

She has been actively involved in promoting the rights, equality, and justice of Black people in the United States as a member of the Black community.

Mallory practices Christianity as her faith. One of the biggest faiths in the world, Christianity has many different denominations and interpretations.

Tamika Mallory Parents
Picture of Tamika Mallory with her grandkid as she posts on Instagram Captioning, “Verified
I’m not going to bed with my timeline in shambles with white supremacy and Black betrayal.
My granddaughter wins the night!” (Source: Instagram)

The values of compassion, equality, and resistance to injustice are frequently connected with Christian teachings which Mallory practices.

Her activism and dedication to social justice are in line with these values.

Tamika straight woman in terms of her sexuality.

It is important to recognize and respect the diversity of sexual orientations and to create an inclusive environment that supports individuals of all sexual orientations.

Tamika Mallory Career Highlights

Young Mallory got active with NAN, and in 2009 she was appointed executive director.

She has been a vocal supporter of movements including Black Lives Matter, feminism, and gun control. In addition, Mallory is the sole parent of Tarique, a member of NAN.

Mallory earned in 2017 was the principal organizer of the Women’s March, a worldwide demonstration supporting women’s rights and numerous social problems.

The march was held in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States.

That year, Mallory and her co-chairs received recognition in the TIME 100.

Tamika Mallory Parents
Tamika Mallory taking a selfie with her sister. (Source: Instagram)

Mallory has participated in several other anti-gun violence advocacy projects, such as her work with the NYC Crisis Management System and her leadership of the strategic planning and event management company Mallory Consulting.

She has also come under fire for her connections to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and her prior support for murder suspect Assata Shakur.

Tamika Mallory has consistently shown a dedication to fighting against inequality, elevating the voices of those who are often silenced, and promoting a more fair and just society.

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