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Samaire Armstrong imprinted her name in the movie industry for her shows such as Entourage, Dirty Sexy Money, The  O.C., The Mentalist, to name a few. She never misses a chance to hit up the big screen with her work and charisma. This spunky actress, model, and fashion designer is a chameleon for her roles in the movie and looks.

Samaire Armstrong age
Samaire Armstrong is 39 years old.

Her ethereal beauty is another reason most fashion designers in the industry seek her out. Similarly, her passion is what led her to become an actor, while her overflowing creativity is the reason why she was so much into fashion designing. To know more facts about this versatile beauty, let’s hear out some quick facts;

Samaire Armstrong Short Bio, Parents, Siblings, Childhood and Education

Samaire Rhys Armstrong, commonly known as Samaire Armstrong, was born to father Hunter Armstrong and mother Sylvia Spinelli. This powerful actress comes from a mixed ethnicity as her father is of Scottish background, and her mother is of Italian heritage.

Moving on, Hunter is active as a combat-trainer while Sylvia is busy designing spas for the resorts. They were a decent family who did not take any risk to raise their beautiful daughter. Also, there is not so much about their siblings, even if she has one.

Samaire Armstrong nationality
Samaire Armstrong’s father and mother

Fairly speaking, she was born in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, but has not missed the essence of her own nation. After spending half a decade of her life in Tokyo, Samaire moved to Hawaii. Similarly, due to some reason, she again migrated to Sedona, Arizona, and later to Malaysia and China.

As she never settled in one place, the number of schools she studied in also uncountable. But we are well aware of the fact that she attended Sedona Red Rock High School. Furthermore, this gorgeous actress is American by nationality and comes from a mixed heritage.

Samaire Armstrong Age, Height, Body Statistics

many of the fans might be aware that Samaire was born on October 31, 1980. In 2020 she will be 39 years old and comes from Scorpio. Just like her sign suggests, this prominent model is a bit shy, but she has a lot of confidence when it comes to her work.

Unlike other celebrities in the industry, Armstrong stands short at 5 feet 3 inches or 161.3 cm. That might not be the height that everybody seeks out in a model or more in an actress, but her talent made people changer their minds and perspective.

Samaire Armstrong height
Samaire Armstrong is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

As most of her work includes the hustle and bustle in front of the camera, Samaire likes to appear beautiful and elegant. Her urge to appear perfect makes her reliable and affectionate among the general mass.

She has a slender body and toned physique that perfectly exaggerates her white skin tone. Furthermore, she has brown hair that compliments her brown eyes. Apart from this, there is no valid information about her body size, dress size, shoe size, and more.

Some Workout Tips From Samaire Armstrong

Even though Armstrong is in her 40s, she still has that glow and aura as if she has stepped into the industry for the first time. People are stunned to see no change in her appearance, although she has spent two decades of her life in the industry.

Well, to be frank, that is all thanks to her workout regimes and diets, which maintains her youth. During her childhood, she used to work out with her dad first thing in the morning. To be precise, at 6:30 am before going to school.

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As she grew older, many things changed. Now Samaire is a big fan of Pilates. She suggests her fans do Pilates three to four times a week. She says it helps to tone and shape a tight waist and legs. However, she is not into running and says it gives her anxiety.

Samaire Armstrong Television shows.

Just like every rookie, this model also started her career from television shows. In 2000 she made her debut as Meredith from a great teen drama show Party of Five. Although her role was small, she was able to give a positive impression to the people.

Soon she was cast on other big shows, namely The X-Files, Freaks, and Geeks, Judging Amy, and many more. Luckily in 2003, this 39 years old model landed the role in The O.C. At first, her role was only for an episode, but all liked her character, and she was starred in other episodes in the coming days.

Everything changed when Samaire was featured in Entourage as an assistant of Ari Gold and the love interest of Eric Murphy. After that, she appeared on Dirty, Sexy, Money, where she played the character Juliet Darling who was a spoiled heiress who aspired to be an actress. Later the show was banned as the character resembled the real-life heiress Paris Hilton.

In addition to this, some of her work includes Judging Amy (2001), The X-Files (2001), NYPD Blue (2004), Numbers (2005), Grey’s Anatomy (2017), Arrow (2017), NCIS (2017), Agent Carter (2016), Stalker (2015), Resurrection (2014), Sons of Anrchy (2013), The Mentalist (2011), Adopting Terro (2012) to name some.

Samaire Armstrong Movies

From the Tv show alone, this beaut gathered more experience, but little did she know that they were somewhat different. Surprisingly Samaire made a debut from Not Another teen Movie in 2001. Her role as Kara Fratelli was fantastic and gathered many fans.

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Considering her Luck in Just My Luck in 2006, her role as Maggie juxtapose to Lindsay Lohan was a super flop. The movie gathered a bad reputation at the box office. However, she was cast in the upcoming film. It’s a Boy Girl Thing, Luckily it got positive reviews ad earned $7,385,434 at the box office.

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Some other hit movies include Would I Lie To You? (2002), Dark Wolf (2003), Stay Alive (2006), Rise: Blood Hunter (2007), Around June (2008), The Last Harbor (2010), Concrete Blondes (2013), 5 Souls (2013), My Santa (2013), Windsor Drive (2015) amongst others.

Is Samaire Armstrong Married? Does She Have A Kid? Who Is Her Husband?

As this actress, model, and fashion designer have gained massive fans from the past few years, they want to know more about her. Well, Armstrong was dating handsome Jason Christopher somewhere in 2012. Jason is an American bass guitarist and author.

For the tie being, he is the bass guitarist for Corey Taylor and previously played for Prong, Stone Sour, Ministry, and Sebastian Bach. After dating for some time in 2012, this hot model announced that she was pregnant on her Facebook account.

Samaire Armstrong son
Samaire Armstrong with her son Calin Armstrong Christopher

She was more than happy to share among her fans and also revealed that the father was Christopher himself. She named her beautiful son Calin Armstrong Christopher and is busy taking care of him.

In addition to this, the couple has not yet walked down the aisle. The reason is personal and not known to the media. Whatever the case might be, both of them showers love on their only kid infinitely. Also, the duo never misses a chance to praise each other and compliment for being the best dad and mon of Calin.

Samaire Armstrong Net Worth

No matter what profession Armstrong was into, she excelled and learned something new from each one of them. That is the best quality she has to thrive in what she is doing. Impressively, she has a jaw-dropping net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

Samaire Armstrong net worth
Samaire Armstrong has a net worth of $1 million $5 million.

In contrast to her work and hardship in the respected field, this amount seems to be quite less. There is no denying that Samaire has contributed a lot to the film industry and the fashion industry.

Well, one thing is for sure that this prominent actress is living her life lavishly and enjoying the presence of her son. Further details about her salary, cars, and mansion are still in the dark. We will update more fun facts about Samaire as soon as it hits the internet. Till then, stay tuned!

Social Media Presence

Although Samaire has a busy schedule from her work and kids, she never gets away from the limelight. More importantly, she shares her work, hobbies, and lifestyle on social media platforms. You can follow her in the link below.

Facebook: 8616 followers

Instagram: 56.1k followers

Twitter: 15.7k followers

YouTube: 976 subscriber

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