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Sakaguchi Kentaro Movies, Doppelganger, Body, Career & Net Worth

If you love Japanese culture, tradition, movies, manga, and anime, then Sakaguchi Kentaro is not a new name for you. That is all because this cute model has been adapted as a character for manga and anime series. He is tall, handsome, and has a genuine personality, making any fangirl go crazy about her. Kentaro is also the face of famous protagonist Daiki Mamura in The Daytime Shooting Star.

Sakaguchi Kentaro movie
Cute Actor Sakaguchi Kentaro

Not to mention, he is also an actor. If you did not know this, there might be a lot of things that you have been missing about this adorable model plus actor. But don’t worry as in this article we will quench your thirst and reveal everything we know about him. The discussion will include his age, height, body, career, net worth, and who he has been dating. Let’s see some quick facts;

Who Is Sakaguchi Kentaro?- Short Bio

As mentioned above, Kentaro has stepped into the entertainment industry as an actor, but with time he was able to imprint his name in the movie industry as well. This man was born in the capital city of Japan, which is Tokyo.

There is no denying that Tokyo is a busy place to live and follow your passion and career. As he was born there, he adapted to the hectic city pretty soon. When it comes to his personal life, he is tight-lipped.

By the looks, it appears that Sakaguchi does not wants to disclose the name and whereabouts of his parents. The reason is simply that he does not want to trouble his loved ones with the negative side of bad publicity. Whatever the case might be, we understand and hope that he will reveal more about himself pretty soon.

Unfortunately, this cute model has yet to reveal his sibling’s name, even if he has one. Moreover, Kentaro is Japanese by nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity. Also, his name is spelled as 坂口健太郎 in the Japanese language.

How Tall Is Kentaro Sakaguchi?- Height, Age, Body Measurement

This brilliant model stands at the height of 1.83 m, which translates to 6 feet. He celebrates his birthday each year on the 11th day of July. As he was born in the year 1991, Sakaguchi is 28 years old. Also, he falls under the sun sign of Cancer. Just like his sign suggests, this Japanese actor is talented, intelligent, and determined.

There is no denying that Kentaro ranks among the hot star in the industry. As most of his work is in front of the camera, this cute actor tends to look presentable. In the field of his work, his amazing looks, skills, and body are considered the best.

Sakaguchi Kentaro height
The 6 feet tall model Sakaguchi Kentaro

His fabulous physique is the time and result spent in the workouts. This young model likes to hit the gym more often than not. Sadly Sakaguchi’s vital measurement is yet to be revealed on the media. The most distinctive feature of this young man is his long hair and bangs.

They suit them perfectly, and Sakaguchi tends to know the angle in which he appears fabulous. That is also the rare quality anyone can have. The majority of the fans describe him as “shio-gao,” which means a person having a salt face.

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That happens to be another reason why Sakaguchi followed his passion without any resistance. Sadly there is no valid information about his academic qualification. Despite all this, we are sure that Kentaro has at least completed his study.

Professional Career

This dashing persona entered the business as a model in 2010. As soon as he stepped into the fashion industry, Kantaro appeared on the cover of several fashion magazines. Some of them include Elle Men, Men’s Preppy, Truck, Tokyo Prepper, Men’s Non-no, and many more.

Sakaguchi Kentaro profession
The handsome, tall, and elegant model Sakaguchi Kentaro

Even more, Sakaguchi has graced the runway dor Girl Award 2014 Spring/Summer and Girls Award 2015 Spring/Summer. After the completion of 7 years in the fashion industry, this hottie also became an actor.

Sakaguchi Kentaro’s Movies and TV Shows

This stunning actor’s debut movie happens to be Shanti Days 365 Days, Happy Breath in 2014. There he portrayed the role of Shun and got a lot of positive responses. In 2015 he starred the part of Makoto Sunakawa in My Love Story.

With time, Sakaguchi was able to appear in At Home (2015), Our Little Sister (2015), Prophecy (2015), her Granddaughter (2015), No Longer Heroine(2015), The Kodai Family (2016), 64: Part I and Part II (2016) amongst others.

Moreover, Kentaro also appeared in The Inerasable  (2016), Golden Orchestra (2016), The 100th Love With You (2017), Narratage (2017), Color Me True (2018), The House Where the Mermaind Sleeps (2018), Dragon Quest: Your Story (2019), And, Live (2019), Kamen Byoto (2020), etc.

Sakaguchi Kentaro age
The 28 years old model Sakaguchi Kentaro

In 2021 this marvelous actor will appear in the movie Signal. He will be portraying the role of Kento Saegusa. Furthermore, this dashing handsome has played roles in Television shows as well. In 2015, Kentaro featured in Dr. Storks, Yokokuhan: The Pain, and more.

Later in 2016, he played in Toto Nee-chan, Sleeper Hit!, Teacher Gappa, Love That Makes You Cry, Copycat Criminal, etc. In 2017, Sakaguchi featured in Tokyo Tarareba Musume, I’m Sorry, I Love You, and, in 2018, came in Signal.

Finally, Sakaguchi starred in Innocence, Fight Against False Charges in 2019. There he portrayed the role of Taku Kurokawa.

Sakaguchi Kentaro’ The Daytime Shooting Star

The writer of the manga series Mika Yamamori is an avid fan of Sakaguchi and did not hesitate to portray him in her work. His look, personality, and attitude were perfectly copied as the character of Daiki Mamura.

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But fans were disappointed when the role of Mamura was not given to this model. Instead, the movie Daytime Shooting Star director, Takehiko Shinjo, chose Alan Shirahama to portray the character. Despite being an actor, Kentaro did not appear in the movies.

Sakaguchi Kentaro Doppelganger Seo Kang Jung

The internet was storming with the picture of Seo Kang Jung and Sakaguchi Kentaro. People were comparing both the celebrities in each and every online communities and SNS platforms. The stars are so similar to one another that sometimes they even get confused.

Sakaguchi Kentaro doppleganger
Sakaguchi Kentaro and Seo Kang Jung

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on June 9, the Korean actor Seo asked if he has heard about the similarities people have pointed out between him and Kentaro. Jung added,

“A friend showed me a photo of him, and was like, ‘There’s this guy who looks just like you. I thought it was me! Even though I knew I’d never taken that photo.”

That surely brought the two countries Japan and Korea, together. Undoubtedly the two’s fans were increased tremendously.

Who Is Sakaguchi Kentaro’s Girlfriend?

There is no denying that any girl can fall for him. The innocent looks and amazing personality is what every girl desires. Being private in the media is tough, but Kantaro has been hiding his personal affairs since he arrived in the show business.

However, this actor was rumored to have been dating Mitsuki Takahata. Like Sakaguchi, she is also a renowned Japanese actress and singer. On 30 November 2016, the duo was rumored to be dating one another. Despite all this, both the agency never confirmed their dating status.

Sakaguchi Kentaro girlfriend
Sakaguchi Kentaro is probably single.

Sources suggest that the duo became close after working in Fuji TV‘s Itsuka Kono Koi Wo Omoidashite Kitto Naiteshimau and NHK‘s morning drama Tote Nee-chan. Some even say that they have been dating for half a decade.

What Is The Net Worth of Sakaguchi Kentaro?

This brilliant actor makes hefty money from his career as an actor and model. He makes extra bucks from photoshoots, ad campaigns, and brand endorsement. In 2020, Sakaguchi sat on a net worth of $10 million to $20 million.

Sakaguchi Kentaro networth
Sakaguchi Kentaro sits on the networth of $10 million to $20 million.

That is all thanks to his hard work, passion, and determination. This 28 years old actor’s cars, mansion, and salary are not disclosed in the media. We will update the data as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned.

Social Media Presence

This handsome likes to stay in touch with his beloved fans through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: 667k followers


  1. Sakaguchi was the perfect fit for Mamura Daiki in Daytime Shooting Star. Hands Down!!! Would have love to see him in it. Still salty about it.

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