Sabrina Salerno Enrico Monti, Songs, Kids & Net Worth

There are lots of women who have been indulged in several professions and marvelous, making careers out of it. Sabrina Salerno is among the millions who have imprinted her name as a singer. Along with that, she is also a glamour model, television, actress, and many more. A unique feature of this lady is her charming voice, beautiful eyes, and more.

Sabrina Salerno age
Sabrina Salerno is 52 years old.

Some fans are eager to know about this beauty in detail. Don’t worry as in this article we will talking about this hottie in the bride. The discussion will include her age, height, body, career, net worth, and more. Along with it, we will also shed some light on her love life. Without further ado, let’s get started with some quick facts;

Who Is Sabrina Salerno?- Parents, Siblings, Childhood, and Education

This stunning singer was born in the wonderful place of Genoa, Liguria, Italy. As we are all aware, this nation is famous for its art, authenticity, culture, and diversity. Well, Sabrina is the lucky one who got not only to enjoy it but live among it. At the time of her birth, she was named Sabrina Debora Salerno.

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Her parents raised this beauty with the utmost care and love. That might be the reason why she is active in entertainment from a young age. Due to privacy issues, this lady has not shared much about her family in the media. With her parent’s name and whereabouts, there is no data about her siblings too. We believe that Salerno s blessed to have one or two.

Moving on, this model enrolled in some local schools located in Genoa. However, the exact name of the institute, school, or university she has been to and the subject she majored in is a mystery. Moreover, this hottie is an Italian model that hails from white ethnicity.

How Tall Is Sabrina Salerno?- Height, Age, and Body Measurement

This one in a million glamour model stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches. With high heels and designer attires, Sabrina looks flawless. Her height is another feature that separates her from the crowd. Even more, she has maintained her body weight up to 143 pounds, which translates to 65 kg in general.

Salerno was born in the year of 1968, and in 2020 she is only 52 years old. She celebrates her birthday each year on the 15th day of March. As a result, this hottie falls under the sun sign of Pisces. People falling under this sun sign are considered to be creative, talented, and understanding in nature.

Sabrina Salerno height
Sabrina Salerno is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Despite her age factor, Salerno does not look older, but she looks younger than ever. Her white skin tone is what does the magic, and her gleaming hazel eyes are charming. To maintain her health, this lady seems to visit the gym more often than not. She undergoes some yoga to maintain her flexibility.

Her bust measures about 35 inches or 91 cm, waist about 24 inches or 63 cm, and a hip of 35 inches or 91 cm. In addition to this, she prefers a shoe size of 8 US. Moving on, Salerno is blessed to have wavy dark brown hair.

Professional Career

In the beginning, she participated in a beauty contest in her hometown. Although she was not able to win the competition, she initiated her career as a model. In 1984, an Italian prime time shows Premiatissima on Canale 5 gave her the work. Soon her career took place.

In 1986, she launched her debut song named Sexy Girl in English, which was produced by Claudio Cecchetto. In a matter of time, it became the Top 20 hit in Italy and gained international recognition. She launched another song titled Boys (Summertime Love), which became number one in France and Switzerland with motivation.

In 1988, Salerno received an award for Best European Singer in the Festivalbar event. Again her hit number All of Me (Boy Oh Boy) was the talk of the town. Another song of her includes the likes of Sabrina (1987), Super Sabrina (1988), Over the Pop (1991), Maschio dove sei (1996), A Flower’s Broken (1999), Erase/Rewind Official Remix (2008) to name some.

Sabrina made a debut in the film industry in 1986 from the movie Ferragotsto O.K. where she portrayed the role of Guendaline. In the same year, she was seen on the Grandi magazine as a thief.

Other telefilms of her covers up the movie such as Professione vacanze (1987), Delirium (1987), Tutti in palestra (1987), Fratelli d’Italia (1989), Jolly Biu (1998), Tutti gli uomini soon uguali (1998), Colori (2005), Film D (2006), Stars 80 (2012), Modalita aereo (2019) amongst others.

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As a model, this lady has been working with renowned fashion brands in the world. She is mostly involved in photoshoots, ad campaigns, and other ventures. Even more, Salerno has also appeared on some of the covers of famous fashion magazines.

Who Is The Husband of Sabrina Salerno? Does She Have A Kid?

This 52 years old model is a heartthrob of the industry. There are a lot of men who can die to be with this enthralling beauty. As a matter of fact, she can never get out of the radar of the media. They seem to follow her everywhere and let her fans know what she is upto.

Her fame and recognition are what make them reach out to her. It might be heartbreaking for some of you to know this, but Sabrina is a married woman. Yes, but who is that lucky man? Well, during the hype of her career, she used to be the topic of controversy.

In the 80s, this singer was in a relationship with an actor and a French singer Pierre Grosso. They were quite famous, and fans even supported this beautiful couple. Due to some reason, they stopped dating each other, and that is when the rumor of their break up stirred up.

Sabrina Salerno husband
Sabrina Salerno is married to Enrico Monti

Soon after her separation, Salerno bumped into Enrico Monti. For the fans who do not know him, Monti is an entrepreneur who has the utmost passion for fabrics. He is the owner of Tessitura Monti, has a historical fabric company for shirts, which was established in 1911 by Bruno Monti.

When this glamorous model met this handsome, he was already the husband of some other woman. She still recognizes the first day when they met in the recording studio. During that period, he was very famous in Europe and was recognized all over the world.

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That being said, they got attracted to each other in the year 1994. They took the time to know each other and soon realized they were meant for each other. That was just the start; their happiness was top notched in 2004 when Sabrina was pregnant. Luckily she gave birth to son Luca Maria Monti.

Hence the lovey-dovey couple decided to get married. Their marriage was private, and only a handful of people were invited to foresee the auspicious day of their life. The guest was crowded with their parents, siblings, love ones, friends, and some important persons. After their marriage in 2006, they lived together.

What Is The Net Worth of Sabrina Salerno?

Undoubtedly this hottie made an exceptional amount of money from her work. Not only was she a model, singer, Sabrina was a talented actress and a tv personality too. That inevitably introduced the field of the entertainment industry and was familiar in most of the work.

Within some years, Salerno got different fans based not only from Italy but from the world too. In 2020 this 52 years old sits on the estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million. This is all because of her hard work, passion, and determination one each of her work.

Sabrina Salerno net worth
Sabrina Salerno sits on a net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

On the other hand, her husband, Enrico, is a millionaire. Surprisingly he has been very private about his personal life and professional life as well. Henceforth there is no valid information about his networth. Coming back to the topic, this hottie’s salary, cars, and mansions will be reported soon.

Whatever the case might be, Sabrina is enjoying her life to the fullest, along with her husband and son. Her lavish lifestyle makes her fan envious of her progress. In her spare time, she utilizes her time with family and friends.

Social Media Presence

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Instagram: 568k followers

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