Robin Reda Parents

Robin Reda Parents: Where Are They From? Origin Family And Ethnicity

People are curious to know who Robin Reda parents are. The French Politician has been the face of the 7th constituency in the National Assembly of Essonne since 2017.

The member of The Republican (LR) previously served as Mayor of Juvisy-Sur-Orge from 2014 to 2017. He has been serving on the Finance Committee since 2019 and in the Committee on Legal Affairs (2017–2021) within the parliament.

In the 2022 French legislative election, he was elected as an LREM (Ensemble) candidate. On May 7, 2022, he left the Les Républicains for the presidential majority MP for Essonne. Instead, he invested in the legislative elections by the presidential majority in Essonne’s 7th district where he has been elected since 2017.

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Robin Reda Parents: Where Are They From?

Regarding the politician’s parents, there isn’t much known about them. However, his parent’s origin is quite interesting as his mother is Franche-Comté and Breton, and his father is of Egyptian descent and origin.

The well-renowned politician was born on May 10, 1991, in Savigny-sur-Orge in Essonne. His childhood was well spent in the neighboring town of Juvisy-Sur-Orge.

The French MP gave a sensational speech to gather votes. (Source: Instagram)

In Athis-Mons, he finished his school at the Saint-Charles establishment. For high school, he went to the Chaptal high school located in Paris for literary preparatory classes. In 2014, he graduated with a master’s degree in public affairs from Sciences Po Paris. 

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Robin Reda Family Origin

Speaking about the Reda family there isn’t much information available. But we do have information related to his wife, Lamia Bensarsa who has ample experience in the political world. She knows the issues very perfectly as she has spent 8 years in the service of Juvisy.

Bensarsa occupied the position of director of the cabinet after being in charge of the department for Michel Berson, who was a former president of the departmental council, ex PS and Claude Vazquez, who was the former mayor of Grigny, PCF.

The Political couple together as her husband congratulates his wife for winning the election. (Source: Instagram)

Lamia has been in the position of director of the cabinet for more than 2 years as she has worked with Étienne Chaufour and the Mayor (Radical Left Party) of Juvisy from 1998 to 2014.

Later she accompanied her husband as she became the director of communication. For the municipal election of March 2020 in Juvisy-Sur-Orge, she was the candidate of the current majority.

The political couple tied the knot of being together for life on September 1, 2018, as their relationship grew while working together in the political field for many years. In 2020, the couple had a new family member as Lamia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Robin Reda Ethnicity and Controversies

The 31-year-old has a mixed ethnicity of Egyptian descent in addition to Franche-Comté and Breton. Of course, he got it from his parents and also, and they follow Roman Catholicism religion. 

On January 25, 2018, the politician made controversial remarks deemed as sexist against the deputy Yaël Braun-Pivet.

The busy politician enjoying his time riding around Viry-Châtillon. (Source: Instagram)

In the municipal election held in 2020, he sparked another controversy as his opponent denounced potential electoral clientelism. He succeeded in Juvisy-Sur-Orge with his candidacy and then the victory of his wife.

Also, let’s not forget the time when he supported the legalization of cannabis. He chaired the parliamentary on the mission of the regulation and impact of the different uses of cannabis. He is one of the few LR officials to stand up for the legalization.

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