Rhian Ramos Scandal

Rhian Ramos Scandal And Controversy Video Gone Viral On TikTok

Rhian Ramos Scandal: A captivating saga of love, betrayal, and shattered reputations that sent shockwaves through the world. Prepare for a riveting exploration of the scandal that gripped the public’s attention like never before.

Rhian Ramos, born on October 3, 1990, is a versatile Filipino personality known for her various talents.

She is recognized as an actress, commercial model, singer, host, and even a race car driver.

Rhian began her career by appearing in commercials, notably the McDonald’s Philippines McJelly Trio.

Her television debut came in 2006 with the series Captain Barbell, and she further showcased her acting skills in Lupin the following year.

Rhian has also taken on lead roles, such as in the series My Only Love, where she has captivated audiences with her performances.

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Rhian Ramos Scandal And Controversy

In 2011, a young actress and host, Rhian Ramos found herself at the center of a scandal involving her relationship with Mo Twister, a controversial radio jock.

Ramos, who was only 16 then, spoke up about the situation during a TV interview.

Despite her mother’s and others’ warnings about Twister’s age and reputation with women, she was initially drawn to him due to his charm and attention.

Rhian Ramos Scandal
GMA Network covered the news of Rhian Ramos in 2011. (Source: Travel On Shoe String)

However, Twister’s true colors emerged as their relationship progressed, and Ramos claimed he had become a different person.

This talented actress attempted to end the relationship multiple times, but Twister threatened her and vowed to destroy her reputation.

The controversy intensified when Twister released a video diary accusing Ramos of having an abortion in Singapore.

Ramos expressed shock and hurt upon learning about the video.

As a result of the ordeal, Ramos decided to take a break from showbiz to focus on her family and reflect on the lessons she learned from the experience, particularly the importance of listening to her family’s advice.

Rhian Ramos Video Gone Viral On Tiktok

A video of Rhian Ramos has recently gone viral on TikTok, despite being initially from 2015.

The video resurfaced and caught the attention of netizens.

Rhian, who was previously involved in a highly publicized relationship and breakup with Mo Twister in 2011, stated in an interview with Pep that the case against her ex had been resolved, and she considers it a thing of the past.

Rhian Ramos Scandal
Rhian Ramos in The Road (2011). (Source: IMDB)

She expressed her happiness and contentment with the outcome, feeling protected and safe.

The relationship between Rhian and Mo made headlines when a leaked video showed Mo emotionally discussing Rhian allegedly being coerced into giving up their baby for the sake of her career.

In 2011, Rhian filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Mo and pressed charges under the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act.

In terms of her personal life, Rhian revealed that she is currently dating someone not from the showbiz industry and prefers to keep a low profile.

Latest Controversy Of Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos addressed a recent controversy after netizens accused her of using a fake Hermes bag at a cosmetics company’s launching event.

An Instagram account named @thefakebirkinslayer shared a photo of Rhian with a bag that resembled the iconic Birkin bag, leading to doubts about the bag’s authenticity.

Rhian clarified the situation by explaining that the bag was from an Italian brand called Buti Italia and was gifted to her by a local retail shop.

Rhian Ramos Scandal
This picture of Rhian Ramos ignited the controversy that her bag was fake. (Source: GMA Network)

She responded to comments, asserting that she did not possess a rare mini Kelly or Birkin bag and defended her choice of bag, emphasizing that she liked the color combination with her outfit.

Despite the negativity, some netizens supported Rhian and criticized those who spread negativity unnecessarily.

Fellow celebrities such as Max Collins, Kim Atienza, and Janina Manipol complimented Rhian’s overall look at the event.

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