Reem Acra, Bridal Gowns, Collection, Husband & Net Worth

Reem Acra might not ring the bell, but she has thrived silently in the fashion industry for several years. This beauty is renowned for making amazing bridal gowns that flow like a waterfall on the ramp. Some are sleeveless, embroidered, full sleeve, deep on the front, deep on the back, you name it, and Acra has designed them all.

Reem Acra
The talented fashion designer Reem Acra

Remember the gothic gown that Madonna wore to Global Globes in 2012 January? Yes, that gown is chosen by our one and only Reem Acra. If you did not know then, don’t worry as we well will peek at her life. This article will talk about her age, height, body, career, net worth, husband, and more.

Reem Acra Parents and Childhood

This versatile designer was born in the beautiful place of Lebanon. Her parents were always supportive when it came to her dream and passion. That is the reason why Reem has been able to blossom well in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, her parent’s names and whereabouts are still in the dark.

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When this beauty was just five years old, her mother took her by hand to Beirut’s market. Her only intention was to show her daughter to know the varieties of fabrics. She is also responsible for encouraging her to take the money and pay it to the shopkeeper herself.

At the age of 11, Acra was keen on painting, and by 17, she was taking huge commissions. Newspapers like An- Nahar and L’Orient-Le Jour were already publishing her work then. This Lebanese designer accomplished her study in Lebanon too.

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Talking about education, Reem enrolled in the Fashion Institute of technology situated in New york. Later she went to one of the respected institutes of Paris, École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode.

How Old Is Reem Acra?- Age, Height, and Body

If any fashion designer is hiding in the press, Reem is one of the industry’s top competitors. Due to some reason, she has yet to share her birthday with the general media. As a result, her age is mysterious, but we fans understand this and are always rooting for her.

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Reem’s work is mostly behind the camera. So, she hardly makes an appearance in the media. But when she appears at the end of the show, this talented fashion designer is mostly seen in brown hair that extends up to her shoulder. Most of the time, she likes to curl her hair and makes an appearance in a black dress.

Reem Acra collection
Reem Acra

To sum up the look, Acra wears red lips tints that highlight her lips. Even more, she seems to have a normal height and looks pretty fit. If she is in her 50s, then we must say that Reem is maintaining her physique quite well.

Professional Career

Reem initiated her career as a designer when she designed a wedding dress for her beloved friend, who was on a fence about marrying her husband. This designer made a bet that if she could make a dress in just three weeks, they would marry. Surprisingly she was able to do it, and her friend tied a knot that day.

Reem Acra profession
Reem Acra fixing the models cloth

That surely made Acra famous among the general mass. While attending her college, a young American editor approached her and asked what she was wearing. Ten days after that, with the help of an editor, she launched her own fashion show at her college. During the event, 2000 attendees were present at the moment. That was also the time when Reem had an order of 30 dresses.

Who Is The Husband Of Reem Acra? Is She Married?

These are the question that is troubling Acra’s fans for the past few years. However, we are going to reveal it in this article. This Lebanese fashion designer has walked down the aisle with handsome Dr. Nicolas Tabbal. In addition to his name, there is no information about their wedding venue, date, and many more.

Reem Acra husband
Reem Acra is married to Dr. Nicolas Tabbal.

Moreover, the nuptials seems to happen in the presence of family, friends, and loved ones. Neither there is any news about this designer to be pregnant, nor has she adopted any kids. Keeping that in an account, we can tell that Reem does not have any kids until now. We are expecting good news soon.

What Is The Net Worth Of Reem Acra?

Designing for the bigwigs of the industry such as Madonna, Taylor Swift, Nicole Richie, Jill Biden helps her make a hefty amount of money. Her collection, bridal wear, gown are always admired and respected throughout the world. According to some sources, Reem is expected to have a net worth of more than $10 million.

Reem Acra net worth
Reem Acra sits on a net worth of more than $10 million.

Furthermore, this stunning fashion designer owns a home in Saifi village located at the southeast of Beirut’s Centre Ville. Its walls are heavily painted with orange, yellow, mustard, and red colors similar to an Indian wedding. They are all bold colors and further enhances the beauty of the house.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 1.2 million followers

Twitter: 32.1k followers

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